The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders

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The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders is an amazing book! I have always enjoyed interactive books where the kids can lift flaps and explore different options while they read. But, I have never seen a book that was as much fun as this one! 

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The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders by Lonely Planet KidsThe Incredible Cabinet of Wonders

It’s time to peek inside the world’s most famous museums. Welcome to Lonely Planet Kids’ Incredible Cabinet of Wonders – the greatest little museum in the world! 12 collectors, from toy makers and monster hunters to sailors and archaeologists, have created their own themed cabinets and filled them with their favorite things.

First, kids can lift the flaps and open the cabinet doors to discover 100 extraordinary objects from our planet’s weird and wonderful past and present. Then, they can read fascinating stories behind each one and find out where to see them in real life.

12 Themed Collections

So, what objects will they find? And what stories will they tell? The 12 themed collections are:

  • Toy Maker’s Cabinet
  • Sailor’s Cabinet
  • Monster Hunter’s Cabinet
  • Naturalist’s Cabinet
  • Miniaturist’s Cabinet
  • Doctor’s Cabinet
  • Treasure Hunter’s Cabinet
  • Archaeologist’s Cabinet
  • Costume Maker’s Cabinet
  • Musician’s Cabinet
  • Scientist’s Cabinet
  • Make Believer’s Cabinet

Each cabinet is illustrated by a different artist and features photos of every astonishing and unusual artifact. Buy it today.

About Lonely Planet Kids: Come explore! Let’s start an adventure. Lonely Planet Kids excites and educates children about the amazing world around them.

Combining astonishing facts, quirky humor and eye-catching imagery, we ignite their curiosity and encourage them to discover more about our planet.

Every book draws on our huge team of global experts to help share our continual fascination with what makes the world such diverse and magnificent place-inspiring children at home and in school.

Incredible Cabinet of Wonders Review

So, if your child enjoys the lift the flap types of books, they will love The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders. There are twelve different themes in this book that range from toys and costumes to science and monsters.

As they look through the book, there are various flaps (cabinets) that they look inside to find out more. There is a picture of the item on the front of the flap and then information about what it is and where it can be found behind the flap.

This book will truly keep any child that’s interested in facts and curiosities busy for hours. This book is recommended for ages 8-12 years and grades 4-7.

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