Alternative Swear Words Coloring Book Vol. 2

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Aren’t adult coloring books fun? I received this alternative swear words coloring book for review, and I have been having a great time coloring in the pages. If you remember, I’ve reviewed a few different books from Nathaniel Wake. I love the designs in his books. 

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Alternative Swear Words Coloring Book Vol. 2 [Review]

Alternative Swear Words Coloring Book Vol. 2

Endless fun for the Wanabe foul-mouth in all of us. Alternative Swear Words is back and funnier than ever with the second installment of this best-selling adult coloring series.

After a long day of dealing with the man, take a moment to unwind with the cathartic power of coloring vent words.

Packed with even more silly variations of your favorite swears, Volume 2 is sure to delight with its original artwork and slapstick adult entertainment.

Alternative Swear Words Coloring Book Vol. 2 [Review]

With 50 unique and original beautiful designs for you to color and enjoy, Volum 2 combines all the fun and relaxing atmosphere of art and color.

Enjoy the cathartic release that comes from both swearing and coloring in this can’t-miss installment of the Alternative Swear Words series. So, grab your copy today!

My thoughts:

So, one of the reasons that I love Nathaniel Wake’s coloring books so much is that they are all original designs. And, there are NO repeats.

Each page is unique and single sided which is ideal for coloring. Now, I use my gel pens when I color. But, you could easily use crayons or colored pencils if you prefer.

There are 50 different designs with fun words like “Mother Hugger” and “Crikey” which just make me smile every time.

Alternative Swear Words Coloring Book Vol 2 by Nathaniel Wake

This Alternative Swear Words coloring book is a great way to relax at the end of the day. Or, it would make a great Father’s Day gift for the man in your life.

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