Best Art Toys for 6 Year Olds This Year

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Looking for the best art toys for 6 year olds? Check out these ideas if you’re looking for craft toys for 6 year olds and up this year.

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I love offering arts and crafts toys to the kids because it helps keep them engaged and it encourages them to use creativity rather than just following the rules.

If you want to encourage creativity, you might want to make this DIY kids cape and let your child make-believe for an afternoon.

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Art Toys for 6 Year Olds

One of the most challenging parts about buying games for children is that you want them to be engaging but not too difficult. At six, your child is capable of playing independently for the most part.

That means that you can choose creative toys that will keep them busy and entertained while you do something else with moderate supervision. Here are a few great ideas for toys for creative kids.

Looking for the best art toys for 6 year olds? Check out these ideas if you're looking for craft toys for 6 year olds and up this year.

Dinomazing Dino Egg Decorator

If your child is a fan of dinosaurs, this is the toy for them. This unique dinosaur egg decorating machine allows them to decorate their dino eggs.

As they do this, cracks are revealed, and inside will be either a mystery dino or ooey-gooey ooze! They’ll have loads of fun creating their design and then opening them up for surprises.

They can collect all the different dinosaurs to complete their collection. Additional eggs are sold separately. This is so much fun for children that love dinosaur toys. It’s one of our favorite creative toys for boys and girls.

Get it here.

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Treemendous Ornament Decorator

If you’d like art toys for 6 year olds that are Christmas themed, why not let your child make their own ornaments?  With this kit, they get 6 ornaments to design with non-toxic markers. 

This is a great opportunity for them to learn all about colors and improve their hand-eye coordination. It includes a unique rolling painting kit so they can make their own unique designs.

You can buy extra ornaments in packs of 6. Or, you can hit your favorite craft store and experiment with other types of ornaments. 

Finding art gifts for 5 year olds and up can be a challenge. You don’t want them to be too challenging.

Get this kit right here.

Looking for the best art toys for 6 year olds? Check out these ideas if you're looking for craft toys for 6 year olds and up this year.

Eggmazing Decorating Kit

If you’re looking for a gift to add to their Easter basket or to welcome spring, this kit will let your child color their very own Easter eggs. It includes a bunny-shaped decorating machine and 8 non-toxic markers for them to start with.

And, yes, they can color real eggs with this kit as well.  This is one of our favorite art gifts for 6 to 8 year olds.

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Why I love these art toys for 6 year olds

The reason that I am in love with these toys is that the unique spinning machine holds the item securely and turns it. This means that your child can devote all of their creative energy to making whatever design and doodle they want to.

No worries about balancing a wet egg or not getting fingerprints all over the ornament as they turn it. Your child can make stripes, wavy lines, or whatever other types of art they want to make.

I really love how easy these are to use. And, they are made so well that your child can continue to play with them for a long time. Just get more eggs or ornaments and they’ll be ready to create a whole new batch of fun.

And, they can give their art creation away as a gift or keep it.

Of course, you can buy these arts and crafts kits at places like Target. Or, check out the links I’ve included to find them on Amazon and have them mailed directly to you.

Check out these foam shooter toys.

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