Ask for the Rain by Larry Sparks (et al)

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A few years ago, my son attended a revival group in a neighboring city through our Church. It was the first time he’d experienced something like that since our local community doesn’t have revivals. He had a great time and loved the high energy level that everyone had. Ministering to a group is a wonderful way to spread God’s message to many people at once, and often the group itself helps keep the momentum going. 

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Ask for the Rain by Larry Sparks (et al)Ask for the Rain by Larry Sparks (et al)

How can revival impact your everyday life? Maybe you’ve thought revival is for “super-charged” Christians—not for everyday people going through everyday life. Wrong. God wants your everyday to be overflowing with Holy Spirit power.Do you feel like there is more to being a Christ-follower than rhetoric, rules and regulations? The truth is, you were created for a dynamic relationship with the living God.

Don’t settle for scattered showers when there is a great outpouring available. God is seeking ready ground to pour out His revival rain on. Are you ready?

My thoughts:

Ask for the Rain is a collection of readings from authors who have written about the topic of revival and how it compares to God’s words inspiring us like rain falling from above.  Larry Sparks is the narrator of this collection, and he begins by explaining the history of revivals and how they can be part of our lives today to bring us closer to God. He also narrates an introduction to each of the readings in this complilation. The readings are from people who wanted a deeper relationship with God and who used revival to impact their communities and even nations.

It’s so easy to think that religion is all about rules, when it’s really so much more than that. This collection of readings reminds us that God has already showered us with His love and that He wants a closer relationship with us every day. It’s a reminder that we can really make a difference in our communities by sharing God’s love through revivals to bring more people closer to God. Each of the narrations includes information with Bible verses so you can do more research on your own.

This book is available as a paperback or Kindle book, but I really recommend that you order the Audible version and listen to the book. The narrator does a great job of really making the message hit home.

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