School Picture Outfit Ideas for Elementary School

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Do you have your school picture outfit ideas planned out for months before the date? Or, are you like me and forget until the very last minute? I swear, I always planned on sending the kids to school on picture day wearing something stylish and presentable. But, something always came up at the last minute that got in the way.

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School picture outfit ideas for elementary school

School Picture Outfit Ideas

These school picture outfit ideas are perfect for active kids. They’re stylish and practical which is important. You don’t want your child to be stuck wearing something they aren’t comfortable in just because you wanted them to look good on picture day.

You know your child best so it’s important to let their own individual style shine through. Take a look at these school picture day outfits and find some great deals here.

Dress in layers

Dressing in layers is a great way to add visual interest to your photograph. Consider a shirt and vest or dress with a sweater. Layers can help to add depth and texture to your portrait.

If you need fall school picture ideas, layering is a must for cooler weather. Check out these ideas for school picture day.

School picture outfit ideas for elementary school

Use patterns

Unless your school requires a uniform for photo day, try to dress your child in patterns. It makes your photo more visually interesting to look at especially when the background is solid.

Consider plaids, polka dots, stripes, ruffles or lace when you’re dressing your child for school picture day. But remember, let them wear their favorite outfit, even if it is a t shirt.

Wear accessories

Accessories can certainly mean jewelry but they can also include things like hair bows, hats, suspenders, bows, ribbons, and belts. Remember, some photos may be full length and include your child’s shoes so keep that in mind when you’re planning your school picture outfit ideas.

There are so many little girl school picture ideas that you can really allow your daughter’s personality shine in her school photos. 

School picture outfit ideas for elementary school

Sibling picture day ideas

If you plan on displaying both children’s school pictures in the same frames or in the same area, dressing them in a coordinating outfit may be a good idea. You don’t need to match their outfits entirely. But, keep in mind color combinations that will look good together.

School picture outfits for high school

As your child gets older, they may be more resistant to your suggestions about how they dress. Sometimes, it’s simply best to encourage them to wear something clean and neat rather than try to get them to wear what you want. If they’re open to your suggestions, you can certainly offer a few ideas.

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