Beach Sand Toys from PLAYMOBIL for Summer Fun

Last Updated on September 10, 2022 by ellen

You have got to check out these fun new beach sand toys from PLAYMOBIL! Beach season will be here before you know it and the kids will want to have a few new toys to take with them to the beach. Everyone brings along buckets and sand castle toys so I wanted to share something even more fun with you today.

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Beach Sand Toys from PLAYMOBIL for Summer Fun

Beach Sand Toys

Get ready to dig up fun in the sand with the Excavator and Dump Truck, both new from PLAYMOBIL! PLAYMOBIL’s Dump Truck’s bed can be removed and used as a bucket and sieve for added fun. Use the removable ramp to help drive the truck over soft sand!

beach sandy toys truck

The Excavator’s shovel can be removed and used on its own OR situated into one of two positions on the vehicle. Once your sand castle is completed, remove the PLAYMOBIL flag from the vehicle and attach it to the castle walls.

Both are perfect for play at the beach or in the sandbox! So cute. Remember, visiting the beach is a great screen-free family activity!

One of the things that I love about these PLAYMOBIL beach sand toys is that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Sure, you can take them to the beach, play with them in a sandbox, or roll them around in the backyard. But their construction makes them a great choice for indoor play as well.

Plus, each one comes with a little figure to drive the truck. If you’re familiar with PLAYMOBIL, you’ll understand that those little figures are half the fun of owning these cool toys. And, each truck has a passenger seat so your child can add another one of their favorite PLAYMOBIL figures to go along for a ride.

Children aged 2 and up will enjoy these fun toys. You can find them on Amazon or at stores like Walmart or Target. Check out a few more cool sand toys from PLAYMOBIL in the video above.