Bumpas Weighted Plush Toys

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If you’re looking for weighted plush toys for your child, check out these adorable Bumpas plush dolls with weighted arms.

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If you're looking for weighted plush toys for your child, check out these adorable Bumpas plush dolls with weighted arms.

Bumpas Weighted Plush Toys

Many children like to go to bed with their favorite dolls or stuffed animals. These plush toys are perfectly sized to become the perfect plush friend for your child.

Your child can bring along their Bumpas doll with them on car rides or to bed. They may help improve sleep quality for your child.

If you’re looking for plush dolls that hold your child and give realistic hugs, learn more about Bumpas.

What are Bumpas Dolls?

Bumpas are weighted plush dolls designed to provide comfort and security to children. The weighted arms of the doll act as a calming force when pressed against the child’s body, providing a feeling of safety and security.

The dolls come in four designs (boy, girl, bunny, bear), all with huggable bodies. Think of them as weighted stuffed animals that offer unconditional love. They can be your child’s best friend.

The Bumpas sole job is to always be by your side. The Bumpas hands form a heart and they give forever love and hands free hugs.

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Why choose Bumpas plush toys?

Weighted dolls are a great choice for children who need extra comfort and security when going to bed or in stressful situations.

It works much the same way a weighted pillow will. But your Bumpas Doll can give realistic hugs and have a calming effect on your child.

Benefits of weighted toys

Weighted plush dolls can help to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They can help children relax by providing a tangible source of comfort that helps them feel more secure and safe.

Additionally, they are often used to assist in calming hyperactivity, reduce stress levels, as well as ease bedtime fears or separation anxiety issues.

Weighted dolls also provide a companion that your child can turn to in times of need, helping them feel less alone and more connected with someone who cares.

Red Bumpas doll on the bed

Bumpas review

These adorable stuffed animals are perfect for Valentine’s Day. They’ll give loving hugs and the soft materials are soothing and comforting.

The Bumpas hands form a heart to show their love. And, the Bumpas head will keep watch over your child. The weighted arms are perfectly sized for your child.

Overall, these weighted dolls are an excellent choice for any child looking for comfort and security. And they’re super cuddly too!

So if you’re looking for a great way to help your child feel safe and secure, consider getting them one of these amazing Bumpas dolls.

Where can I buy Bumpas?

Finally, look for these weighted plush toys on Amazon. Or find them at:

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