How to Help an Overtired Baby Sleep

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Wondering how to help an overtired baby sleep? Check out these tips to help overtired babies fall asleep more easily.

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How to Help an Overtired Baby Sleep

Developing healthy sleep habits takes time. If you have an overtired baby who can’t seem to fall asleep, here are a few ways to calm an overtired baby.

Babies’ sleep schedules take time to develop. Babies cry because that’s how they communicate their needs. It may be a stress response from being overtired. Or, there can be a problem they are trying to tell you about.

Overtired babies are often over stimulated and trying to stay awake. A calm and gentle voice can help overtired babies sleep. You will soon learn to recognize an overtired baby’s cry sound.

If you feel that your baby is sick or there is a serious problem, please don’t hesitate to call the on-call nurse or doctor for their help.

Will an overtired baby eventually sleep?

Yes, an overtired baby will eventually sleep. The key is to be patient and remain consistent with your routine until your baby adjusts to their own natural rhythms.

Overtired babies tend to cry themselves to sleep. As parents, it’s hard to listen to a baby crying but an exhausted baby will sleep.

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What should I do if my baby is overtired?

Try soothing techniques such as rocking or gentle bouncing. You can also give a warm bath, offer a pacifier or white noise, or wrap your baby in a swaddle. Dim the lights and avoid stimulating activities like playing games or loud music.

After a relaxing bath, you can soothe your baby to sleep with a gentle massage using Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion. The lavender and chamomile scents can help a tired baby drift off to sleep.

When should I put my overtired baby to bed?

Aim to put your overtired baby down for sleep when they become drowsy, but not fully asleep. Doing this will help them learn how to soothe themselves to sleep.

Newborn babies need to get used to a nighttime sleep schedule. Sleep training takes time and it will take a while to develop a consistent sleep schedule.

baby in a crib with a pacifier

How can I prevent my baby from getting overtired?

Establish a consistent bedtime routine and respect your baby’s natural rhythms. Aim for regular naps, meals, and activities throughout the day so that your baby doesn’t become too tired by bedtime. Create a comfortable sleeping environment and avoid overstimulation before bed.

What to do if a baby is overtired and won’t fall asleep?

If your baby is overtired and won’t sleep, try relaxing activities like a warm bath or gentle massage. You can also offer a pacifier or white noise to help soothe them.

If your baby continues to struggle with falling asleep, you may need to accept that they are overtired and adjust your routine accordingly. Consider shortening their awake time or offering more frequent naps to help them avoid becoming overtired in the future.

If you feel that your baby is sick or there is a serious problem, please don’t hesitate to call the on-call nurse or doctor for their help.

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Should I let my overtired baby cry?

No, you don’t have to let your overtired baby cry. Instead, try comforting techniques like swaddling and rocking or gentle bouncing before bedtime to help them fall asleep.

A gentle massage with Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil may soothe them to sleep. It’s a vegan formula with no mineral oil that is pediatrician recommended. A massage is soothing and can help them fall asleep more easily.

If you are trying to let your baby put themself to sleep, you may need to let them cry for a few minutes. Be sure that there is nothing wrong with the baby before you put them to bed.

Make sure they have a dry diaper, are not hungry or gassy, don’t have a fever, and are not uncomfortable for any reason. Then, place them in their crib and let them put themselves to sleep.

The goal is to pay attention to your baby’s sleep cues. Pay attention to signs of an overtired baby that is fighting sleep. Follow a few of these tips to get an overtired baby to sleep. Soon they will sleep independently through the night. You can help them develop good sleep habits with these suggestions.

a baby crying in his crib

Why do overtired babies fight sleep?

Overtired babies fight sleep because their body’s natural rhythms are out of sync. When a baby is overtired, they can become overstimulated and unable to settle down enough to drift off into dreamland.

By following a consistent routine, you can help your baby learn how to recognize when it’s time for sleep, allowing them to drift off into a peaceful slumber without difficulty.

Help an older baby fall asleep

Create a calming environment with dim lighting, no screens, and soft music. Try not to engage in any stimulating activities for at least an hour before bedtime and gradually decrease the amount of time spent awake during the day.

You may need to stick to short naps rather than longer ones. If your older baby stays awake longer during the day, they may sleep better at night.

By following these tips, you can help your overtired baby get the rest they need and create a healthy sleep routine.

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Create a calm atmosphere

You can also create a calming bedtime environment by dimming the lights and avoiding stimulating activities, such as playing games or loud music. Offering a warm bath, pacifier, or white noise may also help soothe your overtired baby and encourage them to sleep.

A white noise machine may help babies who have a harder time falling asleep. I really love this one.

It’s very important to provide a restful sleep environment for your tired baby. Blackout curtains may help achieve a dark room.

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Scents for soothing a tired baby

Scented products, such as lavender or chamomile essential oils, can be used to relax babies and provide calming aromatherapy. You can diffuse a few drops of essential oil in your baby’s room to help create a soothing atmosphere.

If your baby has difficulty falling asleep, try using the Baby Magic Calming Baby Bath in their evening bath.

mom holding a sleeping baby

Massage for sleep

Gentle massage with Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion can be used to help relax an overtired baby. Place your hands over your baby’s body, beginning at the feet and working up to the head. Use soft and gentle strokes to provide a calming effect.

Incorporate soothing scents from Baby Magic lotions into your baby’s nighttime routine. This will help them relax and drift off to sleep. Find Baby Magic products here.

Their products contain hypoallergenic ingredients and are safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

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Sleep sack for comfort

Using a sleep sack can help your baby feel secure and comfortable. These lightweight blankets are designed to be worn over pajamas or swaddles, providing a cozy and reassuring environment for your little one.

These simple solutions can help relax an overtired baby and encourage them to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

a father rocking his baby to sleep

Rock your baby to sleep

Infants are often comforted by gentle rocking. It reminds them of the back-and-forth motion in the mother’s womb as she walked. Many tired babies will drift off to sleep while rocked.

By following these tips, you can help your overtired baby get the rest they need and create a healthy sleep routine. With consistency and patience, your baby will soon be sleeping peacefully through the night.

What to do once they’ve fallen asleep

Once your baby is asleep, try to minimize any disruptions. If you must enter their room, do so as quietly and gently as possible.

Avoid using the flashlight on your phone to check on them – keep a nightlight in the room instead. You can also try using blackout curtains or shades over windows to block out excess light from outside.

Keep bedtime routines consistent and avoid making too many changes all at once. This will help your baby relax and stay asleep throughout the night.

Finally, if you have a toddler or older child, be sure to keep their bedtimes separate from their younger siblings. This will give them the chance to get the restful sleep they need and not be disturbed by their younger brother or sister.

Good luck and restful nights!

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