Cascade of Tears by Lacresha Hayes

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As much as I love the holidays, they aren’t an easy time of year for everyone. My husband battles both emotional issues from his past and chronic pain from his disability. The holidays can bring back unpleasant memories and managing the day to day requirements of holidays can be overwhelming physically. Thank you to Cascade of Tears by Lacresha Hayesthe author for sponsoring this post and providing a copy of it for review.

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Cascade of Tears by Lacresha Hayes

No matter what diagnosis you carry around, it does not have to define you. Maybe in a prolonged fight for your vitality, you’ve become weary. Maybe you’ve settled into a routine of popping pills and missing moments. This book shows you how to regain control of your life in the face of illness, chronic pain and depression.

Cascade of Tears discusses the personal journey of Lacresha Hayes as she battled Lupus, Grave’s disease and epilepsy, and includes a ton of valuable insight into how the emotions and mind play a major role in healing the body. Bodies are fully integrated and this book points to reconnecting the body, spirit, and soul to overcome debilitating illness.

My thoughts:

Cascade of Tears is a story about the author’s fight with a variety of diseases including depression and Lupus. She discusses her struggles with the diseases and how they impacted every aspect of her life. She shares how she turned to her faith in God to help her refocus on what she needed to in order to regain her life and find happiness again.

For anyone that suffers from chronic pain or an invisible disease, the author’s story will be inspiring. While I have an unspecified autoimmune disease, it doesn’t cause me pain for the most part. Since many autoimmune diseases are invisible and undiagnosed, it can be challenging to overcome them or even to know how to deal with the symptoms. I read parts of this to my husband who has chronic pain from an injury years ago, and he found the author’s message inspiring as well. If you’re looking for insight into how to manage your emotions and the impact disease has on your life, I think you’ll find this book inspiring.

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