Santa’s Little Helper by Ronald Destra

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Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and I have a collection of children’s books that I enjoyed reading to the kids when they were little. There’s just something magical about Christmas stories whether you’re an adult or a child. Santa's Little Helper by Ronald Destra

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Santa’s Little Helper by Ronald Destra

Santa’s Little Helper is about a little boy named Daniel who is eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus. He is so excited for Santa Claus to arrive so he can have cookies and lemonade with him that he doesn’t want to go to bed. Finally, everyone goes to bed so that Santa Claus can deliver their presents.  Suddenly, Daniel is woken up by Santa Claus. Daniel wants to wake his parents so they can see Santa too but Santa wants Daniel to come along and help him deliver presents to all of the children around the world.

My thoughts:

Sometimes, children get caught up in the receiving part of Christmas more than the giving part of Christmas. When Santa takes Daniel with him, he learns about all of the children Santa is leaving presents for. He also learns how difficult Santa’s job is to deliver presents to everyone on his list. The time he spends with Santa Claus turns this Christmas into the most wonderful one he’s had.

This story is a wonderful way to help your child understand how important giving is as part of the Christmas tradition. Start a new tradition by reading this book together today!

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  1. So many kids out there don’t know the true meaning of Santa and the important giving can be. This sounds like a wonderful story.

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