COMET TV Con Survival Pack

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I’ve always been fascinated by conventions for sci-fi and anime shows. Check out this Comic Con Survival pack.

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COMET TV Con Survival Pack 

When I went on my recent blog trip, the hotel we stayed at was having an anime convention so there were all sorts of neat costumes. I wish I had snapped a few photos to share with you but I thought that might be rude.

I hope you’re feeling Con-tastic because it’s July and you know what that means… It’s Convention season! To celebrate the madness and fun of convention season, COMET TV has put together an awesome Con Survival Kit!

It’s the perfect thing to get you prepared to tackle any convention! Whether you’re heading down to the madness of San Diego, checking out the Disney adventures in Anaheim, or just getting ready for the multitudes of conventions this summer the Con Survival Kit will get you prepared for anything.

The Con Survival Kit includes:

1 Limited Edition Comet Cosplay Shirt – It doesn’t matter if you dress up as an out of this world creature or just head down to your favorite convention in street attire, our limited edition Comet Cosplay shirt will help you make a statement.

1 Comet 2GB USB Lanyard – You need something to hold your badge in place, heck it might have taken blood sweat and tears to get it! This isn’t just an ordinary lanyard though, it’s also a 2GB USB drive, perfect for holding music, photos and anything else you can fit on there!

1 Collapsable Flexi Water Bottle – I… Crave… Water… You know you’re going to be practically parched running from panel to panel but fear not! We have the perfect flexi bottle to keep you safe and hydrated. Ah… It makes you feel better already doesn’t it?

2 Granola Bars – Look, we all need a little bit of a pick me up, right? We have a couple bars to keep your inner Godzilla at bay and a smile on your face!

Also, don’t forget about The Godzilla Get Down airing on Comet TV in July! Some rip-roaring Godzilla Goodness is about to take over Comet TV! Check out the full listing of amazing Godzilla movies here. Aren’t these GIFs fun!

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  1. My favorite Godzilla movie was Godzilla, King of the Monsters!, the 1956 Americanized version of the original Gojira film, with Raymond Burr. I grew up watching Raymond Burr in Perry Mason, then later when he starred in Ironsides. I much prefer the old Godzillas to the newer ones!

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