The Birthday Party by Ronald Destra

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I’m so glad I had the chance to read The Birthday Party by Ronald Destra. I think that everyone feels isolated and alone at times, our children included. If that’s the case for your child, keep reading to learn more.

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The Birthday Party by Ronald Destra

The Birthday Party by Ronald Destra

This is a great story for young readers, a delightfully fanciful picture book that appeals to kids and adults alike. The Birthday Party is a book about a young Hebrew boy who turns twelve, but he believes everyone has forgotten his birthday including his parents and friends.

He is disheartened by his friends and family not caring about his birthday, having to go through a hectic day while his friends are avoiding him in school, not knowing they are planning to throw him the best surprise party ever!

Can his parents, Johnny and other friends pull off the best birthday party ever? Or will their surprise party turn to disaster? Find out in this stunning story with an unforgettable reading experience that readers will want to pass on to others.

My thoughts:

The Birthday Party is about a young boy who is turning twelve that day. He wants to share his special day with his friends and family but they seem to be avoiding him and he starts to feel alone. He tells himself that everything is fine and he can handle this because he’s twelve today. But, he wonders why no one has remembered his birthday. At the end of the book, he finds out the truth and will definitely remember this day.

If your child ever feels alone or struggles with feeling accepted, I’m sure they will enjoy The Birthday Party by Ronald Destra. You can find it today on Amazon.

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