Godzilla Movies Free on COMET TV

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You can watch Godzilla movies free on COMET TV in July! I was so excited when I learned that July’s theme was Godzilla. Marty and I love all of the classic Godzilla films. And, we can stream them for FREE with COMET. 

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Godzilla Movies Free on COMET TV in July

Godzilla Movies Free on COMET TV

Godzilla Get Down has arrived! In one of their BIGGEST programming events ever, COMET will be airing two classic Godzilla movies back-to-back every single Saturday in July.

  • Rodan (1956) Saturday, July 8 at 10P/9C
  • Godzilla: King of Monsters (1956) Saturday, July 8 at MIDNIGHT/11C
  • Mothra VS. Godzilla (1964) Saturday, July 15 at 10P/9C
  • Ghidorrah: Three-Headed Monster (1964) Saturday, July 15 at MIDNIGHT/11C
  • Godzilla VS. Monster Zero (1964) Saturday, July 22 at 10P/9C
  • Godzillas Revenge (All Monsters Attack) (1969) Saturday, July 22 at MIDNIGHT/11C
  • Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975) Saturday, July 29 at 10P/9C
  • Gojira (1954) Saturday, July 29 at MIDNIGHT/11C

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Soylent Green (1973)

  • Friday, July 14 at 8P/7C
  • Saturday, July 15 at 8P/7C
  • Sunday, July 23 at 4P/3C
  • Friday, July 28 at 10P/9C

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Marooned (1969)

  • Friday, July 7 at 8P/7C
  • Saturday, July 8 at 7P/6C
  • Sunday, July 16 at 4P/3C
  • Monday, July 24 at 6P/5C

Rain of Fire (AKA Holocaust 2000) (1977)

  • Friday, July 21 at 8P/7C
  • Saturday, July 22 at 8P/7C
  • Wednesday, July 26 at 6P/5C
  • Sunday, July 30 at 4P/3C

Sometimes They Come Back (1991)

  • Friday, July 28 at 8P/7C
  • Saturday, July 29 at 8P/7C
  • Sunday, July 30, at 2P/1C

Everybody knows Doctor Who has been a staple of British television for over 50 years, but few know the good doctor actually had a brief career on the silver screen, too. COMET is bringing back these forgotten curiosities — 1965’s Dr. Who and the Daleks and its 1966 sequel, Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. — with back-to-back airings on…

  • Saturday, July 8
  • Tuesday, July 11
  • and Thursday, July 27.

Unless of course, you have a TARDIS, in which case you can watch them right now!

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Dr. Who and The Daleks (1965)

  • Saturday, July 8 at 2P/1C
  • Tuesday, July 11 at 4P/3C
  • Thursday, July 27 at 4P/3C

Dr. Who: Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966)

  • Saturday, July 8 at 4P/3C
  • Tuesday, July 11 at 6P/5C
  • Thursday, July 27 at 6P/5C

Make sure you watch these Godzilla movies free in July!

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6 thoughts on “Godzilla Movies Free on COMET TV

  1. I’ve not watched Godzilla movies before but I do like Dr Who. I finally saw the whole movie of Stargate: Ark of Truth, that you posted about previously. I had missed the first half hour when I watched it the first time and then just yesterday saw the whole thing. It wasn’t my favorite since I’m not that into the replicators or fan of the Ori storylines. Those themes just didn’t grab me but I liked seeing Ben Browder (he’s about my age and loved him in Farscape). I recycled two of my old fashioned TVs today, but still have another smaller one, so free antenna TV will live on in my place for now! Thanks for all the Comet posts and dates/times of the upcoming shows. I actually mark it on my datebook to try and watch but don’t always make it!

  2. hi I was just wondering why you don’t show the other Godzilla movies like the crab monster smog monster king kong kingkong v Godzilla Godzilla vs biolante where he fights a tree there might be one or two I missed. could you please show them on comet t.v. want to watch them

    • Hi, Douglas – I don’t work for COMET TV. I’m just sharing their schedule. Try reaching out to them directly.

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