Conflicting Perspectives: An Unexpected Love

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Another rainy day spent on the couch with a good book. I guess I should just resolve myself to the cooler weather now that November is almost here. I Conflicting Perspectives: An Unexpected Love - Unexpected lesbian lovesuppose I’d better stock up my Kindle with some new titles!  

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Conflicting Perspectives: An Unexpected Love

Andrea, a staunch Christian and senior lecturer at an all-female university, never had any ‘problems’ with her sexuality. The divorced and now a single mom to Magnus was taught and believed that a woman’s place is next to a man’s side.

This view is strongly challenged when the newly appointed Dean of Faculty, care free and vivacious brown eyed Samantha Samuels arrives at the university. Andrea finds her strange yet refreshingly different and soon starts to sort out Samantha’s company.

Both hold conflicting perspectives with regard to social behavior but are magnetized by each others presence. Sam cannot understand how she could fall for someone with such deep rooted Christian beliefs. This is taught in “Lesbian Romance 101” and she knows that she’s asking for trouble.

Andrea experiences an unexpected love for Sam but not without an internal struggle. Her belief system is being tested or is it society’s imprint that conformed her into someone that would rather be accepted than be the exception? Just when she starts to accept love for what it is,

Sam leaves without a trace and returns to the USA. This turns Andrea’s world upside down. She has so many questions to which she needs the answers.Did Sam just play her? Why is it so difficult to communicate with her? Is she hiding something or did she read her totally wrong? Why did she leave in the middle of the night without telling her? Will she find true love and happiness or has she lost the love of her life forever?

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My thoughts:

Andrea’s boyfriend proposes but she doesn’t want to say yes. Instead, she takes a teaching job in the UAE to escape and not have to make a decision. While there, she meets Sam and feels an immediate attraction that she cannot understand.

She tries to talk herself out of it because it goes against everything she has ever been told, but, in the end, she cannot deny how she feels. She struggles with the attraction and does everything she can to push Sam away. The two drift apart only to meet again years later. But can they make the relationship work?

I enjoyed Conflicting Perspectives: An Unrealistic love because it’s a realistic relationship full of struggles. Too often romance books are rainbows and unicorns and, while that’s nice, it’s not what most relationships are like. In this book, the relationship is a struggle and it’s full of good times and bad, which makes it very relatable and easy to read.

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