Cookie Monster’s Challenge App

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If you have a child that is between the ages of 3 and 5 and is a fan of Sesame Street, you’ll be thrilled to learn that kids can join Cookie Monster as they head back to school with a new app from PBS KIDS and SESAME STREET called Cookie Monster’s Challenge.

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Cookie Monster's Challenge App

Cookie Monster’s Challenge App

Available for iPad for $2.99, Cookie Monster’s Challenge offers a series of brain-building games that encourage self-control, focus, memory, following directions and problem solving. App features include:

    • Ten mini games – Each game presents an exciting challenge designed to give children the opportunity to practice self-control, focus, and memory.
    • Nine Levels – With each level the mini games get more challenging, keeping children engaged and motivated.

Cookie Monster's Challenge App

  • One Crazy Cookie Making Contraption – As children beat levels they earn pieces of a giant and hilarious cookie-making machine. Children can use the machine to decorate and deliver the cookies they’ve earned to their hungry friend Cookie Monster.
  • Profiles – Children and parents can create up to three separate profiles so that everyone in the family can progress through the game at their own pace.

Cookie Monster's Challenge App

Cookie Monster talks to your child and asks them to help him finish all of these tasks so that he can get a cookie when they are all done.  He wants your child to find certain animals or colors or connect two different thingson the screen. Your child can “brush” the monsters teeth with their finger to get them all clean.  After each successful game, your child puts the cookie in the tube as a reward.  When your child completes so many games, they move up a level. Different levels offer different games and different prizes.

If you have a Cookie Monster fan in your home, they’ll definitely enjoy playing with this app.  Cookie Monster is fun and engaging and the activities are varied enough to keep a child interested. The Cookie Monster’s Challenge App is available for $2.99.

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  1. My 3 year old son would love this app. He love playing on phones and tablets and who can resist Cookie Monster? I like that there can be separate profiles if you have more than one child who would play the game.

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