Tom and Jerry The Lost Dragon DVD

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Tom and Jerry The Lost Dragon DVD
Genre: Children’s, cartoon
DVD Run Time: 57 minutes
DVD Release Date: September 2, 2014
Studio: Turner Home Ent

Join Tom and Jerry on a captivating adventure as the tussling twosome come upon an adorable baby dragon who is separated from his mother. Mama dragon is about to breathe fire unless she’s reunited with her precious baby! Will Tom and Jerry set aside their constant bickering to help reunite the family? Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon will be sold in standard DVD which retails for $19.98 SRP. Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon will also be available on Digital HD day and date with the DVD on September 2, 2014.

Tom and Jerry The Lost Dragon DVD

My husband and I grew up watching Tom and Jerry so I was super excited to learn that there was an original movie available on DVD.  The Tom and Jerry The Lost Dragon DVD opens when Tom and Jerry are just babies and meet each other for the first time.  They’re being cared for by a girl who has a home for animals that are injured or lost.  When Tom and Jerry find a lost dragon egg, it’s only natural that she wants to take care of the egg and the dragon that hatches.

Of coure, the villagers are not that happy that she has a dragon and Drizelda (an evil witch) wants the baby dragon for herself.  The mama dragon is also searching for her baby which just adds to the problem.  Tom and Jerry need to work together with their animal friends to save Puffy, the baby dragon, save the village and stop the evil witch.

If you have a Tom and Jerry fan in your home, you will definitely want to get the Tom and Jerry The Lost Dragon DVD.  It’s just as much fun as the cartoons I remember from when I was a child. Plus, there are 4 bonus episodes:

  • Medieval Mouse
  • Fire Breathing Tom Cat
  • Medieval Menace
  • The Itch

Make sure that you pick up a copy today!

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