Crimson & Cream by C. M. Skiera

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Crismon & Cream
Author: C. M. Skiera
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Release: August 7, 2012
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
250 Pages
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About the book:

Hounded by watchmen, trolls, goblins, and a relentless bounty hunter, 13-year-old Jetsam dreams of the day he’ll no longer have to run for his life.

In the mountain city of Dwim-Halloe, Eidryn and Elvar were born twins to teachers at the city’s revered School of Magic. When the new king outlawed magic, the boys’ parents were murdered. Their deaths forfeited the twins’ magical birthright and made them homeless fugitives.

Rescued by an orphan gang, the fleeing twins were nicknamed Flotsam and Jetsam. To survive as outcasts, the orphans scavenge and pilfer nightly. Their last risky foray sent them fleeing for their lives into an unfamiliar cavern. Now the boys are lost deep underground where they encounter a strange beast that will change their lives forever and begin a harrowing journey for their ultimate survival.

Crimson & Cream is a classic swords & sorcery, coming-of-age adventure that recounts Jetsam’s adventurous tale of flight and discovery as the fugitive orphan unravels his tortured past while securing his tenuous future.

Crimson & Cream by C. M.  Skiera

Flotsam and Jetsam were orphaned at a  young age when their sorcerer parents were murdered because the king outlawed magic.  They band together with a group of boys and try to survive together in the city’s underground tunnels but it’s not easy. With his family gone and him living on the streets, life isn’t always safe. He scavenges on the Castle ground for food and ends up having to leave the city to avoid a bounty hunter.

He sets off on a perilous adventure to learn more about his parents’ death and see if he can become a sorcerer as well.  He explores the world and encounters magic, villains, trolls and all sorts of magical creatures. He learns more about the world around him but the most important thing is that he discovers that deep inside he has always been destined for greatness.

If you enjoy young adult fantasy, I really think you’ll enjoy Crimson & Cream by C. M.  Skiera.  It was a great book that kept my interest and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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