Cooks Country Season 10 on DVD

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Are you a fan of Cooks Season on PBS? If so, have you heard that the entire Cooks Country Season 10, as seen on public television, is now available on DVD? That’s all 13 cooking episodes in one place for you to enjoy! Product provided. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Cooks Country Season 10 on DVDCooks Country Season 10

Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen features the best regional home cooking in the country and relies on a practical no-nonsense food approach where family-friendly recipes are scientifically re-imagined for the modern home cook. Join hosts Bridget Lancaster, Julia Colin Davison, and your favorite chefs from America’s Test Kitchen as they uncover blue-ribbon specialties from across the country, and classic fare in need of a makeover. And as always, find out which cookware, kitchen tools, and supermarket foods are worth the dough, and learn more about the history of American food. Buy it today.

My thoughts:

Cooks Country is one of my favorite cooking programs because they take real recipes that your mother or grandmother may have made to start with. Then they either change it up so today’s cook has time to prepare it for dinner. Or, they lighten it up so that it’s a bit healthier. And, they talk about which gadgets and foods are really worth the money so you can make good decisions when you go shopping. Just a few of our favorite meals included on this DVD are Sour Orange Pie, South Carolina Smoked Fresh Ham, and Garlic Fried Chicken. Yum!

Plus there are loads of tips and techniques as well as food tastings and equipment tests. There’s 345 minutes worth of programming included on two DVDs! This is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys cooking.