Cycling Hydration for Your Next Family Bike Trip

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Check out these cycling hydration tips before you head out on your next bike trip. So, now that the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to take a bike ride as a family. You know you should make sure your bike is in great condition. But, what about your body?

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Cycling Hydration for Your Next Family Bike Trip

Cycling Hydration

Staying hydrated while exercising is important for both health and energy. If you’re feeling sluggish and lacking in energy, it just may be that you’re dehydrated and don’t know it. Make sure that you consume at least 10 ounces of water two hours before you head out on a bike trip. This is even more important on days when it’s hot.

Cycling Hydration for Your Next Family Bike Trip

How much water should I drink while cycling?

Bring along a bottle of water so you can drink while you’re cycling. Match the amount you drink to how intense your bike ride is or how hot the day is. Experts recommend one 16 ounce bottle per hour on a cool day or up to four on a very hot day.

Cycling Hydration for Your Next Family Bike Trip

What should I eat before cycling?

If you and the kids are heading out for a bike ride, you may not want a large meal before you leave. But, it’s still important to fuel your body before you go. Choose a snack that contains grains, nuts, and seeds. Multi-grain crackers with peanut butter is a great choice. They go great with a cycling hydration drink like Hydrant.

Can we drink water after cycling?

You can, yes. But, remember that it’s important to replace electrolytes lost after cycling. Water alone won’t provide cycling hydration. Hydrant has an electrolyte balance that mirrors your body’s own when you are at your best. A little sugar turns on the sodium glucose pump which speeds up hydration. Hydrant is underpinned by science to optimize hydration. I think they grapefruit flavor would be perfect for cycling hydration.

How do you recover after cycling?

Don’t just hop off your bikes and call it a day. It’s important that your body goes through a cool down process. Take a short cool down walk. Grab a small snack to refuel your energy levels. And, drink a recovery drink like Hydrant to return electrolytes to your body. It’s a great option for cycling hydration.

What should I drink after cycling?

Water is great – it makes up 70% of our bodies, is refreshing, and important for your health. When you need a little more than just water, adding the right balance of electrolytes and a little sugar can help you absorb the water to your cells faster than water alone.

Cycling Hydration for Your Next Family Bike Trip

Existing options are slow and ineffective when it comes to cycling hydration. They often contain way too much sugar, taste too sweet or are filled with artificial ingredients.

Cycling Hydration for Your Next Family Bike Trip

Day to day and cycling hydration

Of course, staying hydrated is important all day long, not just after a long bike ride. We all know the importance of drinking water, but drinking enough water is hard and can become a chore. Hydrant’s unique ingredient blend allows you to absorb water more efficiently, think of it like a hydrant that sends water quickly and efficiently to your cells.

Cycling hydration deal

Incorporating Hydrant into your daily routine, once in the morning and once before bed, leads to optimal hydration and a better you.

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