Daniel Goes to School DVD

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Daniel Goes to School DVDFor all of you that grew up with Mister Roger’s Neighborhood ( I did!), you will love sharing the adorable series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood with your young children. This new take is through the adventures of four-year-old Daniel Tiger, as he learns about life lessons, and many experiences. Product has been provided.

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Daniel Goes to School DVD

With the help of his family and friends. With the simple lessons, it is a great way to help your children learn. Each episode is filled with singing, a lesson and a story all wrapped up in one!

There are a total of 110 minutes of programming on the Daniel Goes to School DVD which includes these 8 mini episodes.

  1. A trip to the Crayon Factory
  2. Be a Vegetable Taster!
  3. Line Leader Daniel
  4. Problem Solver Daniel
  5. The Class Votes
  6. O Builds a Tower
  7. Play Pretend
  8. Safety Patrol

In Daniel Tiger Goes To School, you tag along with Daniel and his friends as they head to school. When teacher Harriet gives Daniel classroom jobs, Daniel finds that everyone’s job is very important. He also learns that everyone should help each other however they can.

The class also gets a special visit from Prince Tuesday and they get to go on a field trip to lean about safety beyond the classroom. They discover that learning and using your imagination is totally fun and not scary like they thought.

I recommend this to children going to kindergarten soon. My middle grand child is starting kindergarten this year. She’s anxious to go to school, but she’s pretty nervous too. I’m going to have her watch this to help put her mind to ease and see how much fun school can be. The Daniel Goes to School DVD is a great way to get kids excited about going to school and learning.

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  1. Love this series and know it still runs on my PBS station. DVDS are handy to have though for the kids and when babysitting.

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