Deviation by Christine Manzari

Deviation by Christine Manzari

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Deviation by Christine ManzariBook provided. Post includes affiliate links.

The Sophisticates (Book One)
Author: Christine Manzari
Genre: Non-fiction, young adult, science fiction, dystopian
Release: August 8, 2013
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
436 Pages
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About the book:

Being a Sophisticate of the Program seems like it’d be a pretty sweet deal: a little genetic alteration and anyone can be smarter, faster, and stronger. It’s a dream come true. All you have to give up is your freedom.

Cleo is a Sophisticate and she has a bright future in the Program. But she has a secret. When she gets upset, bad things happen. Explosive things. Things she can’t control.

When her secret is discovered, she’s sent to the Academy to train in the military branch of the Program. She’s destined to be a human weapon in the war that’s been going on since Wormwood occurred nearly 30 years ago. She soon learns that although her ability is unique, there are others like her — other Sophisticates with lethal skills and odd code names like Archerfish and Mimic Octopus.

Immersed in a dangerous game of supernatural powers and dubious motives, Cleo doesn’t know who to trust. Ozzy, the annoyingly attractive cadet who has perfect aim in weapons class and deviant lips behind closed doors, begs her not to use her powers. He’s the golden boy of the Program, but can she trust him? Or will she find herself a target, caught in his crosshairs?

Deviation by Christine Manzari

Wormwood has wrecked havoc across major US cities more than thirty years ago. The world that’s left is vastly different than the one we know.  The Sophisticates are a group of people that protect the country. They are the best of the best and have been genetically modified to be the smartest, brightest and most talented. They are the property of The Program. They have no parents, only donors and are raised by The Program to be the best of everything. Unfortunately, they have no freedom and are considered property of The Program.

Clementine is a Sophisticate in training at the university in their Vanguard program. She is determined to find out who her parents are even though that is against the rules. She hacks into the computer system but is found out and is transferred to another school away from everyone and everything that she knows. Now she is expected to become a Mandate – basically a soldier – and knows this isn’t where she belongs. She isn’t any good at fighting or weapons.

Clementine learns that there are other kids in the Mandate program just like her – ones that don’t seem to belong. She learns why they’re really there and has to come to terms with what makes her special. As if that isn’t enough to handle, someone is trying kill them and she isn’t sure who she can trust any longer.

Deviation by Christine Manzari is an amazing book. Although it’s intended as a young adult book, I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction with a dystopian theme. The ending completely surprised me and I couldn’t put the book down. I cannot wait to read the next book. This one is definitely a series I’ll be reading all of.

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  1. I like that anyone can read and enjoy it. I always wanted to have the super power of being a brainiac, not such a bad goal for teens.

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