Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter

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Do you or the kids enjoy graphic novels? If so, keep reading because I had the chance to check out a graphic novel called Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter that I really think you’ll enjoy. If you’re not familiar with graphic novels they are sort of a combination of a comic book and a book. Great story with lots of pictures.

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Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter a Graphic NovelDiary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter

Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter follows the adventures of two young foreigners as they travel to a remote and mysterious corner of Japan. Along the way, they purchase an old camera that has the unique ability to capture images of Japan’s invisible spirit world. Armed with their magical camera, they explore the countryside and meet people who tell them about the forgotten ghosts, ghouls and demons who lie in wait ready to play tricks on them. These Yokai, or supernatural beings, are sometimes kind, sometimes mischievous, and sometimes downright dangerous!

Readers ages 10—18 who cherish books like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, A Wrinkle in Time and Tuttle’s Diary of a Tokyo Teen will delight in this graphic novel adventure. The comic book format will appeal to anime and manga fans while introducing the ancient spirit world that is such an important part of Japanese culture.

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My thoughts:

I love anime so I was really excited to be able to read this book. The story is a wonderful combination of today’s life with the history of Japanese folklore. The story is engaging and interesting. And, the graphic artwork is fantastic with loads of detail. If your child enjoys supernatural stories, I think that they will love Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter. Graphic novels are also a great way to encourage reluctant readers to read since the story is heavily picture based. Buy it now (This book is available on August 7th).

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