Dinosaur Train: Buddy’s Halloween Adventure DVD

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Dinosaur Train: Buddy’s Halloween Adventure DVDProduct provided. Post contains affiliate links.

Dinosaur Train: Buddy’s Halloween Adventure DVD
Genre: Children’s, cartoon
DVD Run Time: 50 minutes
DVD Release Date: September 2, 2014
Studio: PBS

DINOSAUR TRAIN embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains, while encouraging basic scientific thinking skills. Buddy and his adoptive family of Pteranodons go on whimsical adventures through prehistoric jungles, swamps, volcanoes, and oceans as they unearth basic concepts in natural science, natural history, and paleontology. The Dinosaur Train is a colorful locomotive, customized to accommodate all kinds of dinosaurs and has the ability to visit the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous worlds. The Train’s Conductor, a knowledgeable Troodon, provides passengers with fascinating facts along the way. DINOSAUR TRAIN airs weekdays on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

Dinosaur Train: Buddy’s Halloween Adventure DVD

Buddy and his family take a special trip on the Night Train to learn about animals that stay up at night (nocturnal). They go on lots of adventures like taking nature walk under the full moon, visit a haunted house, and learn all about Gourd Day (Mesozoic Halloween)!

We are big into Halloween stuff and like to watch all the Halloween versions of kid’s shows. When I found out about Dinosaur Train’s Buddy’s Halloween Adventure, I definitely wanted to watch it.

This DVD has four fun episodes:

Night Train
In this special spooky episode Dad, Buddy and Tiny ride the Dinosaur Train at night. With help from the friendly Conductor they learn about nocturnal animals that are active after dark. The episode is filled with startles and scares as the Conductor tries to surprise Buddy and his family. Night Train climaxes at the Big Pond where under the full moon a spooky scavenger hunt happens.

Fossil Fred
In this fun episode Buddy, Tiny and Don search around for fossils playing ‘detective’.

Haunted Roundhouse
Dad takes the kids on a special Night Train to Troodon Town, where the Troodons have decorated their Roundhouse into a “haunted house” for a party. The kids end up meeting a new creature – a nocturnal mammal named Vlad Volaticotherium, who was hiding in the roundhouse trying to get some sleep.

Big Pond Pumpkin Patch
The Pteranodon family learns more about the customs of their neighbors, the Lambeosaurus family, when they go along for the first time to the Big Pond to celebrate “Gourd Day” – a kind of Mesozoic Halloween.

It was fun to follow along with Buddy while he explores with his family and be “spooked” throughout the DVD. Beautiful animation of the dinosaurs at night will keep your child watching. My favorite probably would be the Night Train because it was the “scariest.” Don’t worry, they don’t make it so your preschooler will have nightmares!

I would say this is perfect for preschoolers (I bet big brother and sister would watch!) combining a bit of spooky and a lot of fun. I bet we will be watching this all year round, and definitely will be watching it again during the Halloween season.

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