Doc McStuffins School of Medicine DVD

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Looking for a fun DVD for the kids? Check out the DVD Doc McStuffins School of Medicine. Learn more about this Doc McStuffins DVD set.

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Doc McStuffins is such a fun animated series for children. There are so many adorable episodes that will encourage your child to be their best. Have you checked out the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital DVD yet?

Looking for a fun DVD for the kids? Check out the DVD Doc McStuffins School of Medicine. Learn more about this Doc McStuffins DVD set.

Doc McStuffins School of Medicine DVD

Doc McStuffins School of Medicine DVD
Genre: Children’s, cartoon
DVD Run Time: 120 minutes
DVD Release Date: September 9, 2014
Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

About the movie

Drop by DOC MCSTUFFINS’ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE for five song-tastic episodes about staying happy and healthy, whether you’re a girl, a boy… or a toy! Share the fun as Doc teaches the toys to patch themselves up when they’re down, and shows them how visiting the dentist, seeing an optometrist and even getting an X-ray can work wonders!

Banish the blurries as you help Professor Hootsburgh choose the perfect pair of glasses, get soccer star Johnny Foosball back in the game, and fix a friendly bath-time shark’s cracked tooth. Then, when Doc sprains her ankle, join the toys as they rush to her rescue. But don’t worry — with rest, patience, and plenty of cuddles, she’s back on her feet before you can say, “The Doc is in!”

Doc McStuffins DVD review

Doc McStuffins is an animated children’s TV program about a little girl who is six years old and fixes broken toys in her backyard. In the Doc McStuffins School of Medicine DVD, Doc teaches her friends how to fix their own problems.  She also talks to them about how visiting different doctors can really help when you don’t feel well.

I really love that the “doctor” in this video series is a little girl.  All too often girls are cast in traditional female roles and boys in traditionally male roles. I really like that Disney stepped out of the box with this one.

Doc McStuffins Episodes

Episodes included in this DVD are:

  • Chilly Gets Chilly / Through The Reading Glass
  • Hallie’s Happy Birthday / Shark-Style Toothache
  • Think Pink / You Foose, You Lose
  • Disco Dress Up Daisy / The Glider Brothers
  • Celestial Celeste / Run Doc, Run!

If your child is apprehensive about visiting the doctor or has a visit to the hospital or specialist coming up, the DVD Doc McStuffins School of Medicine is a great way to help them feel a bit less nervous about their visit. There is even a free Doc Dress Up Play Set inside the DVD for your child to play with.

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  1. I wondered why I had never seen Doc Mcstuffins on TV but I don’t get cable or the Disney channel so may have to invest in a DVD if I want a copy. A great way to introduce the kids to the medical profession.

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