E-Blox Steam 3D Circuit Starter Set

Last Updated on December 2, 2022 by ellen

Have you heard of the E-Blox Steam 3D Circuit Starter Set? If your child enjoys things like building simple robots or creating lights that really light up, you have got to check out this fun new STEAM learning kit.

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E-Blox Steam 3D Circuit Starter Set

When asked to name a popular building toy, parents will say bricks or blocks. With the exception of magnets, little has changed in this construction-based toy category …until now. Toy industry judges are buzzing about newcomer E-Blox where electric circuitry is tucked into building blocks to create a WOW effect. Three toy competitions – The National Parenting Center, Mom’s Choice, and Academics’ Choice — just added E-Blox to their Spring 2018 awards circuit!

As one of the toy contests wrote online, “E-Blox are not your ordinary building blocks. Not only can they be used to build creations, they also bring your builds to life!

The construction toy kits use a patented technology of tin plated blocks that connect electrical component blocks to a battery block enabling youngsters to create 3-dimensional circuits that light whatever they build, with no wires. The three winning items were:

Power Blox Starter • $32.99 • Ages 8+
2018 Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award Winner

E-Blox Stories-The Cave • $54.99 • Ages 8+
Spring 2018 Seal of Approval • The National Parenting Center

E-Blox Stories – The Island • $54.99 • Ages 8+
2018 Mom’s Choice Award-GOLD

I received the E-Blox Starter Set to play with and wanted to share my thoughts with you. This set includes 25 pieces which will allow you to make a variety of different creations including a Light Tower, Heart, and Simple Robot. It requires a 9V battery. It’s also compatible with similar building brick sets if you want to make more creations on your own using their unique power block. This is intended for children ages 8 and up.

This is very easy to use even for someone who has absolutely no knowledge of how circuits work (like me). You match the positives with the positives to make things light up. As long as you do that, you can add the other blocks wherever you like to make whatever kind of creation you want. This is a fun way to keep the kids busy this summer and teach them something at the same time. Plus, I love that you can use it with other building bricks to allow more creativity.

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