Environmental Awareness Coloring Book

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This environmental awareness coloring book is a great way to be creative while learning about sustainable living. There are all sorts of choices we make every day. Some we don’t even think about. Being mindful is the first step in making better choices. 

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Environmental Awareness Coloring Book: You Can Save the Earth

Environmental Awareness Coloring Book

You Can Save the Earth is an adult coloring book for environmental awareness, conservation, and sustainability. This coloring book is your path to environmental inspiration and sustainable stewardship of our beautiful planet.

Each illustration highlights the best of what Earth has to offer and includes thought-provoking quotes, exercises, and affirmations on why and how you can incorporate sustainable strategies in your daily life.

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About the authors

Sean K Smith is an author, journalist, and screenwriter. A graduate of Harvard University and Stamford University, he has authored numerous books and articles and has written and directed feature films. He lives in Los Angeles with his two sons.

Leighanna Hoyle is an author and illustrator who lives in Charlotte, NC with her wonderful husband and amazing pets. She spends most of her time crafting, including drawing, painting, and sewing in her in-home studio.

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My thoughts:

This is not your typical book about the environment. So, not only is there information about the environment, but there are inspirational quotes as well.

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There are steps that you can take to make more environmentally friendly choices along with pictures to color in that relate to the topic. Drawings include things like flowers, butterflies, animals, as well as country homes and bicycles. And, there really is something for everyone in this coloring book.

So, if you want a fun way to reinforce the eco-friendly choices you make (or want to make), this environmental awareness coloring book is a great way to start.

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