WowWee Toys Latest Fingerlings Kingsley the Sloth

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Check out Fingerlings Kingsley the Sloth. Have you been following the Fingerlings craze? Learn more about the latest Fingerlings here.

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WowWee Toys Latest Fingerling Kingsley the Sloth

Fingerling Kingsley the Sloth

I’ve written about my love of Fingerlings twice now. Once when I reviewed Finn the Monkey and then again when I reviewed Gigi the Unicorn. Fingerlings are the HOT Christmas toy this year and you’ll want to buy them now before they are sold out. 

So, if you aren’t familiar with Fingerlings, you may be wondering what they are. They are adorable little robotic finger animals that make noises and move based on your interaction with them.

What makes them really cool is that they are all different. Each fingerling is just a little bit different.

How to use your Fingerling Toy by WowWee

The monkeys were the very first Fingerlings and they are available in a variety of colors from pastel pink and turquoise to black.

Gigi is the Fingerling Baby Unicorn and she responds to interaction in a different way than the Monkeys do.

WowWee Toys Latest Fingerling Kingsley the Sloth

What can Kingsley Fingerling do?

Similar to the other Fingerlings in the line, Kingsley responds to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and silly sloth sounds.

You can blow a kiss and Kingsley will kiss you back or you can hang Kingsley upside-down by his tail. Kids can rock Kingsley to sleep or make a loud noise and watch him get excited!

But Kinglsey’s big differentiator is that he moves 20% slower than the other animals, embracing the true sloth fashion. How cool is that?

WowWee Toys Latest Fingerling Kingsley the Sloth

Now that you’ve fallen in love with Kingsley, you’ll have to head to Walmart to get him. Today is the first day of the exclusive release so you’ll want to get one fast. These are super hot this year and are selling out everywhere.

If you cannot find Kingsley, you can look for Finn or Gigi instead. They are just as cute!

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  1. I loved the unicorn and I have to admit I don’t know much about sloths, but this one is a cutie. I like the kiss-blowing feature and can see why they’re such hot sellers. They sure don’t take up much space and the playsets they offer for these look fun too.

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