How to Play With Your Fingerlings Baby Unicorn

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Are you wondering how to play with your Fingerlings Baby Unicorn? I am in LOVE with Fingerlings? They are the cutest things ever, and I predict they will be super popular.

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How to Play With Your Fingerlings Baby Unicorn

How to Play With Your Fingerlings Baby Unicorn

So, you may remember that I posted how adorable Finn the Baby Monkey Fingerling was. Well, I recently had the chance to play with the Fingerlings Baby Unicorn, and I have to say, she is just as sweet as Finn.

There are several different Fingerlings babies and each is slightly different with different colors and even a different personality.

How to Play With Your Fingerlings Baby Unicorn

If you’re a parent searching for one of these for Christmas, act now. These are super hot. You don’t want to wait any longer.

How to Play With Your Fingerlings Baby Unicorn

Fingerling Baby Unicorn features

So, how can you play with your Fingerling Baby Unicorn?

  • Blow air kisses to your unicorn. Your unicorn will kiss you back.
  • Clap once or twice. Watch it unicorn around.
  • Tap your unicorn’s head. For fun reactions!
  • Hang your unicorn upside down. Explore your unicorn’s silly side.
  • Pet your unicorn’s head. Your unicorn will show you love.
  • Press & hold both sensors (2s). For a silly surprise
  • Cradle your unicorn. For sleepy reactions.

How to Play With Your Fingerlings Baby Unicorn

The Unicorn Baby Fingerling is a soft lavender color with black hooves and a pastel rainbow mane and tail. She has a tiny little horseshoe stamp near her tail. She has two sensors near the base of her ears that you’ll want to interact with.

This really is one of the hottest gifts this year. Your child will love playing with it and watching it interact with them. Fingerlings come with batteries included and it will go into sleep mode to conserve batteries if it’s left alone for a bit. Fingerlings retail for about $15 at a variety of different retailers including Walmart and Amazon.

If you want to buy Gigi, the Fingerlings Baby Unicorn, she is sold exclusively at Toys R Us.

Don’t forget to pick up a toy or two for your Fingerling. You don’t want her to get bored.

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