Hog Wild Popper Toys

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Check out these fun new Hog Wild Popper Toys! These foam shooter toys will provide hours of fun and keep the kids entertained inside or out.

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Check out my thoughts on the best foam shooter toys for kids. This type of soft foam shooter is safe for kids to play with in the house or out in the yard.

During the spring, the weather can be nice one minute and unpleasant the next. It’s always a good idea to have toys that can be played with in both places just in case.

Check out these fun new Hog Wild Popper Toys! These foam shooter toys will provide hours of fun and keep the kids entertained inside or out.

Hog Wild Popper Toys

Hog Wild Toys is known for its unique novelty toys like their foam poppers. These toys are on trend and one of a kind. You won’t find another one of these at a different company. 

In the past, I’ve written about how much fun we had with the Tony Hawk Box Boarders toys by Hog Wild. Have you ever played with those? You need to!

Their latest toys are a variety of different foam shooters in the shapes of animals. They shoot soft, colorful foam balls out of their mouths.

About the Hog Wild Popper Toys

  • Squeeze to pop
  • Includes 6 colorful, soft foam balls
  • Shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet
  • Air powered
  • Safe for inside and out

a Hog Wild Foam Shooter Toy

What age are these toys intended for?

Because the balls are small, they can present a choking risk for children under the age of 3. They are intended for children ages 4 and up.

Do these toys need batteries?

No batteries are required for any of the Hog Wild Popper Toys. I love that! These toys are air-powered. The harder your child squeezes, the further the ball will shoot.

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What characters are available?

So, there are lots of fun characters available in this toy line. 

a pink unicorn foam shooter toy

Are the balls interchangeable?

Yes, they are! Each of the toys has a different colored ball. There are 5 in the package and then one extra one in the toy’s mouth. You can easily use whatever foam popper balls you have in each of the Hog Wild Popper Toys. 

How do you play with Hog Wild Popper Toys?

  • Place one of the foam balls in the toy’s mouth.
  • Hold the toy firmly with both hands.
  • Squeeze until the ball shoots out and across the room.

Where can I find these toys?

Look for them on Amazon. Or, check Walmart and Target in the toy section. 

These are so much fun to play with! You will want to pick up a few for party games, Easter baskets, and birthday surprises.

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