Improve Retention Skills and Memory Power Naturally

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Back to school is right around the corner and many parents are wondering how they can help their teenagers be more successful in school. One of the biggest problems my kids had in school was retaining information. If you’re wondering how to improve retention skills especially in higher level classes, keep reading for a tool I think will help.

Improve Retention Skills and Memory Power Naturally

Improve Retention Skills

Retaining more complicated subjects like algebra, geometry, and chemistry can be a challenge for many kids. For many, the problem is retaining what the teacher explained in the classroom. Did you know that writing notes has been proven to help with retention? But, for many kids, writing notes isn’t happening.

Teachers teach with whiteboards and overhead displays. There isn’t as much writing on the blackboard that’s done any longer and kids often don’t write notes in a notebook. They get handouts or access the lesson on a website when they get home.

Improve Retention Skills and Memory Power Naturally

One of the reasons we love technology is that it makes it easy to take information with us. We can see the information at school and then reference it at home. But, that lack of writing notes may be hurting us.

The RoWrite Smart Writing Pad brings the traditional writing pad into the digital age. It allows you to capture ideas, notes, and drawings. And, then you can edit, enhance and even erase your creations after they’re saved or in real time when connected to an iOS or Android device with the RoWrite App.

Share your work, even a video of it, with coworkers, family, and friends. The RoWrite Smart Writing Pad includes an elegant, functional folio to protect your RoWrite device and pen.

How to increase memory power in students

By using the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad, your child will have the benefits of writing to improve retention skills. Then, they can pair the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad with their phone to enhance their notes, turn their notes into a video, make edits, study, and practice what they’ve learned.

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You can select from different writing instruments, change stroke thickness, or add up to 20 colors. Whether taking notes in Social Studies, drawing graphs and formulas in Math, or crafting creative designs in Art, RoWrite allows easy capture and sharing of handwritten documents.

Improve Retention Skills and Memory Power Naturally

Both of my children have ADHD and I cannot tell you how many times they have lost notes, notebooks, papers, sketches, handouts, etc. With the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad, all of the notes taken in school can be sent directly to your phone. You can then upload them to a computer or a laptop via several cloud services for use throughout the school year.

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