Tips for Baby Boomers to Embrace Technology

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As someone who is on the cusp of the Baby Boomer generation, technology can sometimes be overwhelming. While I know how to use my smartphone and my computer, learning new things can be intimidating. I’ve noticed that I don’t pick it up as easily as my kids do. Of course, technology is the wave of the future, so it’s something I want to be able to master. Here are a few tips for Baby Boomers to make embracing technology easier.

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Tips for Baby Boomers to Embrace Technology

Tips for Baby Boomers to Embrace Technology

Baby boomers didn’t spend their childhood with tiny computers and touchscreen devices in their pockets. That’s why technology can be overwhelming. 

If seniors start becoming tech-savvy baby boomers, they can follow the latest fashion and news, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends more easily.

While surfing the internet, baby boomers act differently than the younger generation. According to research, baby boomers don’t enjoy doing the same things online as the younger generation.

They don’t often don’t use Snapchat to send photos, or regularly download apps, or even check their email. They mainly use a tablet, a laptop or a computer for their daily activities on the internet.

Here are a few tips to help baby boomers become comfortable with technology.

Staying Connected

The digital connection between the world means that you can easily stay connected with your loved ones. The way communication has changed has baffled baby boomers and that’s one reason why they are not ready to embrace it in some cases.

If the baby boomers realize that they can text people instead of calling, maybe they will start texting their family and friends. They can also talk to their grandkids and kids over the phone.

They can even send a birthday card to their loved ones via the internet.

The internet provides a unique way of connecting with different people in different parts of the world. The baby boomer generation can make the most out of technology by maintaining a strong connection with their family.

If they aren’t using social media or texting, they are really missing the fun of digital connection.

Tips for Baby Boomers to Embrace Technology

Getting Help from Younger People

Most younger people know that adopting technology can be difficult for baby boomers. These people were born in a time where mobile phones were introduced decades later. 

If Baby Boomers ask for help every time they are stuck while using an app or website, they can speed up the learning process. For this to happen, Millennials should be ready to assist the older generation whenever they need help.

Enjoying and Passing Time

Baby Boomers need to realize that technology isn’t harmful, but it can be fun. It can also help pass time. If you’re stuck in a house all day without a lot to do, they can surf the internet, watch funny videos, or check out a funny status on social media.

You can even try to get them hooked on one of my favorite farm games for iPhone.

Asking for Advice

The younger generation can also help Baby Boomers embrace technology. If you ask a Baby Boomer for advice and then apply that advice, they’ll know you value them and listen to their recommendations.

That increases your chances of helping them to incorporate technology in their daily lives.

The change will not occur instantaneously. It will take time, so be patient while teaching new technological tricks to baby boomers.

Do you have any other tips for Baby Boomers to enjoy technology that work for you?

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