Share Your Insurance Company Nightmare

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Have you ever had an insurance company nightmare? A few years ago, we had massive flooding in our area which resulted in a flooded basement. We had no idea there was a problem until we noticed we had no hot water. We opened the door to our basement to check on the hot water heater and were greeted with about four feet of muddy water. This resulted in an insurance claim, visits by the claims adjuster, etc.  

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Share Your Insurance Company Nightmare

Share Your Insurance Company Nightmare

Imagine returning from a vacation to find your house has been robbed, flooded, or covered in toxic asbestos and harmful fiberglass. Sadly, this scenario actually happened to Todd Kozikowski’s family. An unexpected home renovation error ended up costing his family their health, home, and resulted in long legal battles—all because the insurance carrier didn’t provide the coverage the family thought it did.

Today, Todd has made it his mission to spare others from the same nightmare his family experienced. He and his team recently launched Clearsurance — the world’s first company to level the playing field between big insurance and consumers.

I recently partnered with Clearsurance to help bring transparency to a traditionally secretive industry. Powered by 10,000+ customer reviews and industry-leading financial ratings, Clearsurance is the first ever ‘Yelp’ for auto, home, and renter’s insurance.

It is easy to sign up and post a review of your insurance company on the Clearsurance website. All you have to do was go to and fill out a short form— completely for free. By providing your personal insight, you could potentially save someone from a experiencing the same headache you went through when filing a claim.

Have you ever filed an insurance claim? Was the process smooth? Agonizing? Shocking? Head over to, and leave a review on your insurance company. Who knows—your experience may save someone lots of trouble down the line.

8 thoughts on “Share Your Insurance Company Nightmare

  1. Oh I love this. I like to read real reviews of users of any services. Insurance is the big black hole. How great to get input from others who have been through their own nightmare (or dream situation).

  2. I had a small claim on my auto insurance and they raised my premium 134%! After I calmed down, I found a new company that was $100 less expensive that my original bill, so I guess they did me a big favor.

  3. We have a dry creek under our home that was built over maybe 125 years ago. We didnt know it was there and the city barely knows where it runs. In 2008 there was a 500 year flood. FEMA stepped in after insurance but it didnt cover it all. We had to contact a senator to help.

  4. I don’t have a story to tell, but I had been reading about companies & claims paying for home insurance, and saw that some people said Chubb is good, it is more expensive, but they had good experience about claims. I don’t have Chubb, so I can’t say, just that I read it, and next time I’m shopping for home insurance I’m checking them out.

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