Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Ideas That Work

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Are you searching for jigsaw puzzle storage ideas? Check out what works for me and how you can store your puzzles more easily.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Ideas That Really Work

Jigsaw Puzzle Storage

We love doing puzzles and we have stacks of puzzles that we’ve either done in the past or want to do in the future. The last time I was cleaning, I accidentally knocked one off the shelf and it created a huge mess.

In the past, I stacked the puzzles on a shelf of our bookcase, but clearly, that’s not working any longer. Since I want to get organized more for the new year, I have been searching for jigsaw puzzle storage ideas.

When it comes to jigsaw puzzle storage, it really depends on the types of puzzles you have. If you have children’s puzzles that are 25 to 100 pieces, your storage needs will be vastly different from someone who is storing 1000 piece puzzles. Here are a few things to consider when picking a puzzle storage system.


You want to be certain that your puzzles will not be knocked down or that curious children or pets won’t get into the boxes and mix up the pieces. A tall shelf in the closet would work well for puzzles you don’t access that often. You’ll also want to be sure that you don’t store them anywhere that’s overly damp or humid. Moisture will warp the puzzle pieces.


Once you’ve found a good location for your puzzles, you’ll want to decide what order you want to store them in. Should you store them by the number of puzzle pieces? Or, by theme? Or by brand? Whichever order you decide on, you’ll want to be certain to leave room for your collection to grow as you buy more puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Ideas That Really Work

For Kids

If you’re storing a lot of children’s puzzles, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to keep the boxes. Kids can be hard on boxes and long after the box is destroyed, the pieces are in great shape.

You can cut out one of the side images of the completed puzzle. Then, store the pieces and that cut out in a plastic baggie, zippered pencil pouch, or a puzzle storage case.

Are you searching for jigsaw puzzle storage ideas? Check out what works for me and how you can store your puzzles more easily.

Completed Puzzle Storage

If you want to store your completed puzzles to admire rather than to put them together again, you may want to consider framing them. We have a beautiful Thomas Kincade puzzle that we have framed to admire.

Wondering how to preserve puzzles? You will need to place wax paper underneath the puzzle and then apple puzzle glue to the top. Once the glued puzzle is dry, you can place the finished puzzle in a frame to display it.

Or, you can use the JIGSTORE 1000 to store up to 10 completed puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Ideas That Really Work

In Progress

It would be nice if we could sit down and put together a 1000 piece puzzle in one afternoon. But, that’s not often the case, at last not for me.

One of the best options for storing puzzles that aren’t complete is a jigsaw mat. You can put the puzzle together on the mat and then roll it up and store it out of the way until you have time to work on it again. Leaving it partially finished on a table is an accident waiting to happen.

Do you have any other jigsaw puzzle storage ideas you use?

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