Laser X Real-Life Laser Gaming Experience

Last Updated on September 17, 2022 by ellen

If you’re looking for a real-life laser gaming experience, you have got to check out Laser X! I’ve spoken before how much we enjoy the Laser X Game System. And, we recently got to check out the Micro Blasters from Laser X so I asked the kids to come over for a game of laser tag in the backyard.

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Laser X Real-Life Laser Gaming Experience

Laser Gaming Experience

If your kids love video games, Laser X will get them off the couch for a fun game of laser tag with an updated, technologically-advanced laser blaster system. Micro Blasters are the newest addition to a line of products that includes: original Laser X, which blasts 200 feet; a Long-Range Blaster, which blasts 400 feet; and a Gaming Tower with 10-built-in games. Seriously, you’ll want them all. That’s how much fun they are.

Like other Laser X gear, Micro Blasters feature state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects that bring the excitement of a laser tag arena right to your own backyard. You just strap a receiver onto your upper arm and blast opponents up to 100 feet away. Reloading the Micro Blaster is easier than ever. You just press and hold the trigger.

All Laser X sets work together, so games can have as few as two players – or the whole neighborhood can play together. Advanced sensors in the Laser X blaster know when players are blasting, being hit, running or hiding. An interactive “coach” uses this information to give players tips and tricks throughout the game.

The new 5-inch Laser X Micro Blasters fit easily into bags and backpacks and are great for games on-the-go! Laser X Micro Blasters may be small, but they deliver big fun. Just strap on a receiver and blast opponents up to 100 feet away! This is a great neighborhood game for the summer when you know the kids will be bored.

Micro Blasters are recommended for ages 6+ and retail for $29.99 for a double set and $14.99 to equip a single player. The game is available at and is coming soon to Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Costco, and Target. I hope you decide to try this real-life laser gaming experience. You need this hot summer toy!