Best Home Laser Tag Set for Kids

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Check out the best home laser tag set for kids! If your kids are missing playing laser tag, you can let them have a laser tag party at home.

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Check out the best home laser tag set for kids! If your kids are missing player laser tag, you can let them have a laser tag party at home.

Best Home Laser Tag Set

I absolutely love active games. They are a wonderful way to get the kids outside and moving instead of sitting in the house with their phones or tablets.

There are a lot of fun toys for younger kids to play with. But, when the kids get older, it can be more of a challenge. Here are some great outdoor toys for older kids.

You may want to make a DIY laser tag arena for the kids.

My kids have always loved playing laser tag. We visited a party place in a nearby city a few times. But, it’s too far to go for regular visits. And, we are trying to do more outdoor play rather than indoor right now.

There are lots of different personal laser tag sets, but the key is to find one that’s age-appropriate and well made. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a new game and having it not perform.

I had a chance to try out this laser tag home seat and wanted to share my thoughts. 

an at home laser tag game in the box

Laser X Revolution

We’ve used a variety of different Laser X games and they have always been very high quality. They provide a real-life laser gaming experience at home. And, best of all, all Laser X equipment works together so you can build on what you have.

Laser X Revolution is like having a laser tag arena in your own backyard!. You can blast opponents up to 300’ away. The laser tag set works inside or out, in darkness or bright sunlight.

You can choose from more than 20 team colors to light up your blaster! This makes it a great option for teams to play together.

Blaster beams go through windows and strategically bounce off walls and mirrors to hit opponents, while the quick-slide reload keeps the action going. And, it has a 300′ range which makes this seriously the best home laser tag I’ve found.

Check out the best home laser tag set for kids! If your kids are missing player laser tag, you can let them have a laser tag party at home.

Advanced sensors allow an interactive voice “coach” to offer tips and tricks throughout the game. All Laser X gear works together and the games can include unlimited players. 

What’s included in this at home laser tag system

Laser X Revolution is enough to equip 2 players. It includes two blasters and two chest receivers. You will need 6 AAA batteries (not included). It is the best laser tag game for home use.

What ages is this recommended for?

This set is recommended for ages 6 and up. But, my kids as teenagers have enjoyed this game as well. So, it really is for almost any age. Get the kids outside and have them form teams against mom and dad.

This is the best at home laser tag system for kids. I’d recommend it as the best laser tag for six year olds and up.

Laser X Revolution Game

Laser X Micro B2 Blasters

If you’re looking for a blaster to blaster laser tag game without the chest pieces, you can use the Micro B2 Blasters. 

These compact, 5-inch blasters feature state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects that bring the excitement of a laser tag arena right to your own backyard. No receiver vests are needed because a receiver is built right into each blaster!

With a blasting range of 100, Micro B2 Blasters work with all other Laser X gear. Games can include an unlimited number of players. Play one-on-one, in teams, or set your blaster to “rogue, and every player’s on their own! 

What’s included?

You will receive Micro B2 blasters laser tag for kids. You will need 6 AAA batteries (not included). 

Recommended ages

This is recommended for ages 6 and up. The digital lights and sounds make this fun for kids of all ages.

If you’re wondering about the best home laser tag set for kids, Laser X has a variety of options which is one of the reasons I recommend these.

These sets are fun for the whole family. And, the quality means that they will last for years. No matter what your budget is, you can find an option that will work for you.

Can I add more laser tag guns?

I love that you can add more sets easily without abandoning the ones you already have. And, as a parent, I appreciate that they have options for two players as well as for groups.

This game is the perfect way to play outside while socially distancing. And, it will get everyone outside having fun. 

Finally, you can find both of these laser tag toys at as well as

Check out my thoughts on the Laser X Interactive Game System.

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