Legendfire Powershot Blaster

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Getting the kids outside to run around isn’t always an easy thing to do. When I was little, there wasn’t all the technology that exists today. Today’s kids are often more into video games, movies, and texting their friends and that can encourage too much sitting. I’d rather have the kids running around outside chasing each other, than sitting on the couch glued to a screen all afternoon. 

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Legendfire Powershot Blaster for Maximum Shooting Distance

Legendfire Powershot Blaster

The Legendfire Powershot Blaster takes aim at being in the top of the class. This Slamfire Long Barrel Blaster is powered by an interchangable automatic revolving drum. It comes with two ammo cartridges for a quick change-out throughout the battle. The Legendfire features 2 Ammo Cartridges and 18 Super Darts for maximum shooting distance up to 80 feet! The darts are compatible with all Adventure Force Blasters and most standard NERF blasters.

The Adventure Force Legendfire Powershot Blaster includes the following:

1 Legendfire pump-action blaster
2 auto-advance ammo cartridges
18 darts (that fly up to 80′)

Legendfire Powershot Blaster for Maximum Shooting Distance

My thoughts:

I really like that these darts fly up to 80′. That’s quite a distance and makes the gameplay a lot more fun than blasters that only go a few dozen feet. As a mom, I also appreciate that there are 18 darts because you KNOW that the kids are going to lose at least a few of them outside in the woods. The Legendfire Powershot Blaster appears to be very well made and will definitely stand up to the durable playtime you need with boys.

You can find the Legendfire Powershot Blaster at mass retailers like Walmart. Make sure you pick one up to leave under the tree for Christmas this year.

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  1. There’s a wide range of NERF blasters I see at Walmart and this one is affordable. I bet even I could use some practice on my hand/eye coordination and this one is fun to play along with the kids.

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