Zippi Pets Hovers like a Hummingbird

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Kids of all ages love interactive pets whether that’s a dog that barks or a cat that purrs. While I’ve seen quite a few different interactive pet toys, I’ve never seen one like Zippi. 

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Zippi Pets Hovers like a Hummingbird

Zippi Pets Hovers like a Hummingbird

This colorful interactive hummingbird chirps, tweets, and sings as she soars through the air. With just a touch, and a little bit of magic, Zippi spins and hovers with animated action, just like a real hummingbird.

To start the interactive fun, kids just tap Zippi on the head to wake her up and she chirps brightly in response. Two taps and she chirps a little song. With three taps, she takes to the air, whirling and spinning.

Kids can control her flight simply by moving their hand underneath her path. An innovative autosensor responds to the motion to keep her in flight. Two more chirps from Zippi lets kids know when she’s ready to rest. With a built in rechargable battery and the included USB cord, Zippi will be flying again in 20 minutes time.

My thoughts:

Zippi is such a fun interactive pet for kids because the more attention (petting) you give it, the longer she will fly. You can catch her and she will reward you with a special song. She can even land in your hand when she’s done flying. Zippi Pets are available in a variety of different colors including blue, green, and red. They are intended for ages 5 and up.

This is a hot toy this season and is currently sold out on Amazon, BUT you can still get it on Groupon. Don’t wait if you want to leave Zippi under the tree this year!

4 thoughts on “Zippi Pets Hovers like a Hummingbird

  1. oh gosh, we need this for my littlest, ellen! She LOVES birds. she knows so many breeds of them and their sounds and what they eat and stuff. she would adore this little hummingbird toy!

  2. The YouTube vid on this is adorable. What a cute little toy for little bird lovers. I hope they expand on their line since these will be popular.

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