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Check out the Life on the Reef documentary. Learn more about one of the best great barrier reef DVD shows I have seen in a long time.

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Life on the Reef PBS DVDWhen I was little, my father had a huge fish tank filled with fish. I used to love to watch them swim around the little houses and pieces of coral. It was fascinating to watch them up close in what seemed at that age to be a very realistic environment.

Life on the Reef Documentary

When I got older, I enjoyed watching programs like the Life on the Reef PBS DVD that gave me a real look into an underwater world I’d never seen before. Life on the Reef lets you see one of the richest and most complex natural ecosystems on Earth – the Great Barrier Reef.  

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Not only do you get to see some of the giants like whales, you also learn about some of the tiny creatures that live on the Great Barrier Reef like the plankton. I even got to see a female humpback whale and baby which was absolutely amazing.

The cinematography in this documentary is absolutely amazing. You get to see up close and personal with huge sharks and the most stunningly colored coral I have ever seen. I also learned how the Great Barrier Reef was formed along with many of the islands off Australia.  I learned about the impact of warming temperatures on the reef and the animals, fish, and even birds that depend on it for their survival.

Great Barrier Reef DVD

Life on the Reef takes you through an entire year on the Great Barrier Reef and lets you see what residents are doing to help find the balance between people and nature. Because so many people rely on the reef for their survival. It’s important that everyone and everything learns to live together.

There are three episodes on the Life on the Reef PBS DVD for a total of 3 hours (180 minutes) of programming.

“LIFE ON THE REEF” will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on July 28, 2015. The run time is approximately 180 minutes. The DVD SRP is $24.99 and the Blu-ray SRP is $29.99; it is available for digital download.

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  1. I love watching sea life too. I’ll keep watch to see if there is a similar program on PBS. Last week I watched half an hour of animals of South Africa and saw the biggest rodent ever–149 pounds! Very entertaining.

  2. This sounds like a great program! I’ve seen bits and pieces of the importance of the Great Barrier Reef through various programming, but it sounds like this is super in depth!

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