The Lost Boy by Camilla Lackberg

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One of my goals for the New Year is to stay on top of my reading list. There are so many great books that I want to read but I just get too busy with blogging and put off reading for enjoyment because I run out of time. This year, I hope to be able to enjoy more books just for fun.  The Lost Boy by Camilla Lackberg

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The Lost Boy by Camilla Lackberg

Detective Patrik Hedstrom is no stranger to tragedy. A murder case concerning Fjällbacka’s dead financial director, Mats Sverin, is a grim but useful distraction from his recent family misfortunes. It seems Sverin was a man who everybody liked yet nobody really knew ― a man with something to hide . . .

His high school sweetheart, Nathalie, has just returned to Fjallbacka with her five-year-old son ― perhaps can she shed some light on who Sverin really was?
However, Nathalie has her own secret. If it’s discovered, she will lose her only child. As the investigation stalls, the police have many questions. But there is only one that matters: Is there anything a mother would not do to protect her child?

My thoughts:

The Lost Boy is really several mysteries in one book. Nathalie returns to Fjallbacka with her son, Sam, after fleeing an abusive husband. She decides to live on an island with an old lighthouse called Ghost Isle by the locals. Matts who has had a crush on Nathalie since high school visits her to see her again and suddenly, the next day, Matts is found dead.  The police are called in to find out who killed him and it turns out that his death may have more connections than people think.

At the same time, this mystery is happening, we see flashbacks to the island when it was inhabited by a lighthouse keeper, his wife, and his employee. From the glimpses into their lives, you can tell that something is very wrong but the author only gives you enough information to keep you flipping the pages to learn more. At the end, the two stories collide in a way that I wasn’t expecting but that made the whole story make sense.

A definite page turner. I could not put this down until I had read the entire book. You have to read this one.

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