Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island

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Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island is now on DVD! Blaze and the Monster Machines is such a fun show. And, their latest collection is now available on DVD! 

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Blaze and the Monster Machines Wild Wheels Escape to Animal IslandWild Wheels Escape to Animal Island

Kids just love anything with wheels from cars to tractors to monster machines! 

The mighty monster machines are back in an all-new DVD collection, Blaze, and the Monster Machines: Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island. In this high-octane DVD, Blaze and his friends find themselves on Animal Island. They are transforming into high-speed animal trucks in order to save the day.

Fans can join the gang as they thwart Lazard the lizard-truck’s evil plan, help their new friend Tooks the toucan-truck, travel to Insect City and cheer on Blaze in the Super Sky Race. As always, Blaze, AJ, and the monster machines go on wild rides and use their STEM skills to solve the problems around them.

Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island DVD includes:

Animal Island – Blaze and Stripes are sailing the open seas when they discover Animal Island, an incredible place where everyone’s a monster truck animal. Once ashore, they meet Lazard, a scheming lizard-truck who tries to steal the powers of the other animal trucks.

Toucan Do It! – Blaze, Starla and Darington are visiting Animal Stadium, where they’re set to play a game of Jungle Ball. There, they meet Tooks, a friendly tiny toucan-truck with big athletic talent who Blaze recruits for his team.

The Big Ant-venture – Blaze and Zeg go on a mini-but-mighty adventure to Insect City to help a firefly family find their runaway egg.
Falcon Quest – Blaze must transform into a falcon and learn some new sky-high skills in order to compete in the Super Sky Race on Animal Island.

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My thoughts:

Blaze and the Monster Machines is a fun way to encourage STEM learning. Not only do kids learn how to problem solve, they learn how to cooperate with each other. This is a valuable social skill.

I love that this Blaze and the Monster Machines also includes jungle animals. It’s a fun way to integrate learning with your child’s natural love of adorable animals.

Buy this DVD today.

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