Make Your Own Chewing Gum or Gummies

Last Updated on January 5, 2024 by ellen

Did you know you can make your own chewing gum? I’ve made candy before, but I have never tried to make gum or gummies before. Check this out.

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Make Your Own Chewing Gum or Gummies

Make Your Own Chewing Gum or Gummies

Glee Gum offers a variety of make your own candy kits including a make your own chewing gum and make your own gummies. and, all of the Make Your Own Candy Kits offer everything you need to make your own chewing gum, gummies, and chocolate, from scratch.

These kits are educational and eco-friendly, each DIY activity kit comes with natural ingredients and simple instructions. The activities are easy to enjoy at home, in the classroom, at birthday parties, and more. Plus, they’d make fun gifts for the young and the young-at-heart!

Make your own chewing gum

Make your own chewing gum with natural rainforest rubber. Everything you need is included, and it’s easy! Inside each Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit, you’ll find natural chewing gum base, confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup, two natural flavors, a small pan, simple instructions, and a story about the sustainable harvest of rubber. Buy it today.

Make your own chewing gum and gummies

Make your own gummies

Make your own gummies from seaweed, right at home! So, everything you need is included, and it’s easy. Inside each Make Your Own Gummies Kit, you’ll find sour mix, colored and flavored Fair Trade sugar, powdered seaweed, dried seaweed, simple instructions, a story about carrageenan, and molding starch to make all kinds of shapes. Buy it today.

My thoughts:

This is such a fun activity for the kids to do. I love that everything you need is included in the kit. And, that means that I don’t have to go hunting for some strange ingredient that I don’t end up being able to find at my local store.

Plus, there is information in the kits that talks about where the ingredient comes from so the kids understand the connection between what we eat and the food we grow. For example, you learn that people in Japan and China have been eating sea vegetables like seaweed for hundreds of years.

And, that the chewing gum is sticky in part from the rainforest tree sap which is harvested sustainably.

Now, this makes the kits not only fun but a great educational activity if you homeschool or just want to reinforce what the kids have learned in school. So, make sure you add them to your gift list this year!

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