Masterpiece: The Collection with Special Features on Blu-Ray

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Have you ever seen the miniseries Masterpiece: The Collection on PBS? I’ve always had a love of French fashions so I saw this originally when it was on television. However, I missed part of it. So, I knew I absolutely had to have this so that I could watch the whole thing again start to finish. We’ve always loved the miniseries on Masterpiece TheaterMasterpiece: The Collection with Special Features on Blu-Ray

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Masterpiece: The Collection

Paris. 1947. A fashion empire rises from the ashes of this war-torn city. Run by the breathtakingly charming and thoroughly ruthless Paul Sabine, the House of Sabine is pushing new boundaries in the post-war fashion world.

But, behind the glamour and elegance lies a devastating secret that threatens to destroy the company’s delicately built success. It is actually Paul’s reckless, hedonistic younger brother Claude whose fresh vision is responsible for this new era in haute couture. Paul and Claude have survived one war – but at what cost? Another battle is looming that threatens to tear this family apart. This time it’s brother against brother, husband against wife, protege against mentor.

Sophisticated and contemporary in tone, this tale of secrets, lies and high fashion created by Oliver Goldstick (Pretty Little Liars, Ugly Betty) is a story about the price of success, set during a pivotal moment in Franc’s history. Buy it today.

My thoughts:

Of course, this story is fiction, although some think that the House of Sabine is actually the brand Dior. There is no House of Sabine in France now or back in the 1940s in Paris. The film is set in the 1940s right after the War.

The economy was recovering and the indulgence in haute couture was seen as very decadent and not entirely appropriate by some. This film gives you a look into what it must have been like to be behind the scenes in a high-end fashion house during that time. The glimpses into the gorgeous fashions and settings in France are just amazing.

Of course, it’s more than just fashion. There’s loads of scandal and romance in the miniseries as well as drama and suspense between the family members. You’ll have to decide whether you like the drama or the fashions the most when you watch The Collection

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