Magnaflex Flexible Magnetic Construction Toys

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Magnetic construction toys are loads of fun for children of all ages. Find out where you can get Magnaflex toys and read my review.

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Magnaflex Flexible Magnetic Construction Toys

Magnaflex Flexible Magnetic Construction Toys

I’ve always been a huge fan of anything that inspires creativity in children. Building blocks, coloring, and musical instruments are all great ways to encourage your child to entertain themselves and be creative. Creativity allows children to learn to express themselves and solve problems in the future.

Magnaflex creative construction kits help inspire kids of all ages to flex their imagination and build anything they can imagine. Colorful kits include magnetic strips, connector pieces, and an easy-to-follow instruction guide. They come with project ideas including animals, vehicles, wearable accessories and more.

Magnaflex unique shape and material allow kids to easily bend, zip, connect, or stack the magnetic strips together, and decorate with metal connector pieces that also add structure.

Kids can build 2D or 3D creations anywhere with this innovative, educational toy that promotes creativity, visualization, and fine motor skills. Magnaflex high-quality building pieces are interchangeable.

And, can be combined with different colors from other sets for more complex projects. Neodymium rare-earth magnets safely enclosed inside the Magnaflex strips ensure a strong magnetic connection. And when playtime is done, Magnaflex strips can be stacked together for easy storage and transport.

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My thoughts:

This is such a fun toy for kids ages 3 and up. The pieces are bendable and can fit together like zippers or connect if you prefer. We received the Animal Magnaflex with 14 pieces. And, you can make a fish, fox, dog, owl, cat, and turtle.

There are a variety of different kits available including animals, bugs, rainbows, vehicles, fun in the sun, wearables, etc. Kits contain anywhere from 14 to 34 different pieces depending on which kit you get. You can follow the directions included to make specific animals. Or, you can just let yourself be creative and make whatever you want.

This is a great gift for any child on your gift list. You can buy one set or several and they can all be used together if you want to create even more things.

You can find Magnaflex products at a variety of stores including Toys R Us. If you’re having problems finding the Magnaflex, this is very similar.

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