Mickey’s Monster Musical DVD

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Mickey's Monster Musical DVDThe kids and I have always loved sing-along DVDs. Some of my favorite memories are of the kids and me singing along to the songs together. You know that some of the best sing-along DVDs are from Disney so when I learned about the Mickey’s Monster Musical DVD from Disney Junior, I knew I wanted to watch it.

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Mickey’s Monster Musical DVD

Put on your favorite Halloween costume and get set for a spooktacular full-length adventure. Visit the creaky castle of kindly “Count Mickula” and help your Clubhouse pals solve a puzzling riddle:

Who, or what, is making a curious clanging, banging noise? With the right Monster Mouseketools and help from YOU, this mystery will soon be history! Then, enjoy two more exciting episodes as you search for pirate treasure with Captain Mickey and don your dungarees for delightful fun down on the farm.

Packed with singing, dancing, laughter and surprises, Mickey’s Monster Musical is a high-spirited treat that can’t be beaten.

I just love Mickey’s Monster Musical DVD. Mickey and Minnie go on a ride with Pluto for a picnic. Suddenly a storm appears and they turn back. Unfortunately, a tree blocks the road and the car breaks down. They decide to ask for help at a spooky castle but to get inside, they need to do some counting!

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Mickey’s Monster Musical DVD is perfect for preschoolers. It’s a fun Halloween theme without being too scary for them. Mickey and Minnie keep the movie on a Halloween theme but turn anything that might be scary into something fun and educational instead.

There are three separate cartoon episodes included on this DVD plus a bonus Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Tricky Treats episode.  The DVD includes nearly 2-hours of adventure plus an Exclusive Trick-Or-Treat Mini Tote!

If you want to watch the full episode, you should definitely get a copy of this DVD. Buy Mickey’s Monster Musical DVD today!

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