Mix and Match Farm Sets for Toddlers

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I have so many memories of the kids playing with farm animals, tractors, and barns when they were little. Living in Vermont, these are things we see daily so it’s only natural that the kids would enjoy pretend play involving them.

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Mix and Match Farm Sets for Toddlers from SmartMax

Mix and Match Farm Sets

Here are a few mix and match farm sets that your child can play with. And, they may enjoy these classic wooden toys.

Specialty toy maker SmartMax, a division of Smart Toys and Games, Inc., is betting the farm as it heads to the American International Toy Fair. SmartMax launched its My First series of magnetic building sets last year with My First Animal Train and My First Safari Animals.

The mix and match farm sets exceeded all expectations, and My First Safari Animals is a Finalist for The Toy Associations 2018 Specialty Toy Of The Year. To continue delighting youngsters (and retailers), SmartMax introduces My First Farm Animals ($19.99) and My First Tractor Set ($24.99).

Grab a few farm books for kids and turn this into a teachable moment for your toddler. If possible, head to a local farm to see the animals.

My First Farm Animals

These farm animals are intended for children ages 1-5. The magnetic animals are mix and match so your toddler can take them apart and then put them back together the way they or in other fun combinations.

The horse, pig, sheep, and cow separate into two pieces – front and back. The chickens sit in a wobbly ball that you can take apart and put them back into. The pieces are big and easy for little hands to hold. There are 16 durable pieces in total in this set. You can use all of these pieces with other SmartMax sets you may already own. Find it on Amazon.

Mix and Match Farm Sets for Toddlers from SmartMax


My First Tractor Set

The tractor set and animals are intended for children ages 1-5. They are the perfect add-on to the My First Farm Animals. Your toddler will have a great time playing with these two sets together or individually.

The horses are detachable and magnetic the way the farm animals are in the My First Farm Animal set above. Plus, there is a tractor and a wagon several fences and a farmer to drive the tractor. You can even put the horses in the wagon.

The tractor and wagon both come apart and are magnetic. If you have both of the sets, you could also use the other animals in a similar way. Find it on Amazon.

My thoughts:

These toys really are so cute. I love that they are so easy for smaller hands to grasp and put together. Plus, your child will learn fine motor skills when they take them apart and put them back together again.

And they can learn to match colors and the body types of each animal. As your child gets older, they can make up their own stories using the animals and you can have a discussion about magnetism with them using these mix and match farm sets. These sets would make a great educational Christmas gift.

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