Farm Animal Activities for Kids: Lessons and Crafts

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If you’re looking for farm animal activities, check out this list of lessons, crafts and more. You’ll love these gross motor farm activities for preschoolers.

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Farm Animal Activities for Kids (Lessons, Crafts and More)

Farm Animal Activities

Living in Vermont, my kids have always been very aware of farms and farm animals. We have cows, chickens, sheep and more all within walking distance because we’re in a rural area. So, we’ve visited quite a few times because they’re so close.

Of course, one of the best farm animal activities you can do is pack the kids up and head out to a farm to experience it yourself. Thankfully, we have several farms in the area that are open to visitors. And, our elementary school regularly takes the kids on field trips to local farms because it’s loads of fun.

So, there are a variety of different activities below that you can try. Most are suitable for preschool through early elementary aged children. A few may require a bit of help with cutting skills depending on your child’s developmental level. And, there are a few for older elementary aged kids because they need to have fun too! Finally, you’ll want to grab a craft smock before using paints just in case.

Crafts and learning activities

So, here is a list of craft and learning farm animal activities the kids can do that range from homeschool lessons to simple crafts. You’ll want to supervise the younger kids because paints can get messy if you’re not careful. You can use several of these as part of your lesson plan, however, they are loads of fun just because. So, which will you try first?

Farm Animal Play Dough Exploration – Pre-k Pages

Cardboard Tube Farm Animals – Crafts by Amanda

Montessori Inspired Farm Animal Activity – Natural Beach Living

Foam Cup Cow, Pig, and Chick – Kids Activities

Farm Animal Coverings Activity – Gift of Curiosity

Paper Plate Pig Twirler – Kids Craft Room

Cow Handprint Art – Craftulate

A Day on the Farm Corrugated Sheet Collage – Artsy Craftsy Mom

Geometric Chicken Craft – The Craft Train

Life Cycle of a Chicken – I Heart Crafty Things

Farm Animals Tracing Coloring Pages – Itsy Bitsy Fun

Washing Farm Animals Sensory Bin – Coffee Cups and Crayons

Feed the Farm Animal Activity – Turner Tots

On the Farm Math and Literacy Activities – Preschool Play

Farm Animal Pattern Cards – Stay at Home Educator

Farm Animal Activities for Kids (Lessons, Crafts and More)Are You My Mother? – Farm Animal activity – 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Craft Stick Farm Animals – Crafts by Amanda

Gross Motor Farm Game Cards – Modern Preschool

Matching Farm Animals – From ABCs to SATs

Paper Plate Chicken Craft – I Heart Crafty Things

So, if you’re looking for a few more farm animal activities, check out these lace and trace farm animal cards. If you’re wondering how to introduce farm animals to preschoolers, check with local farms in your area and see if you can arrange a visit. Finally, check out these mix and match farm sets because the kids will love playing with them!

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