National Craft Month Books to Spark Creativity

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If you need to give your creativity a push, these National Craft Month books are a great place to get started. Learn more here.

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National Craft Month Books to Spark Creativity

National Craft Month Books

The holidays left me a little bit frazzled so I used January and part of February to relax and slow down. Now that I’ve had a chance to relax, it’s time to get into crafting again. 

March is National Craft Month and whether you enjoy knitting, crocheting, painting, decoupaging or paper crafts, there’s something here for you to enjoy.

Painting Books

The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity

Starting with the basics — including finding and choosing stones as well as tools and materials. The guide offers a variety of techniques, including painting stones with colors or inks, painting on natural stone, and sealing the finished work.

Projects range from simple to advanced and include suggestions for indoor and outdoor display, as well as instructions on how to style wearable objects such as pendants. A complete selection of templates provides motifs for every project as well as ample inspiration for developing your own designs.

Crochet Books

Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abode a la Mode: 20 Yummy Crochet Projects for Your Home

Chan’s signature style is cute, colorful, food-themed, and always functional, which highlights an attribute she likes to call “cute-tility.” Her fun, unique designs are inspired by Japanese kawaii (cute) culture as well as her childhood collection of faux food toys.

Her patterns appeal to crafters of all ages. And, her warm, conversational writing style welcomes them into her cozy crocheted world, encouraging everyone to get creative.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the fun unravel!

a little girl in the garden

Gardening Books

Handmade Garden Projects: Step-by-Step Instructions for Creative Garden Features, Containers, Lighting and More

Transform your yard into a beautifully personalized retreat with 30 step-by-step projects! The finished pieces include creative pathways, unique support structures, DIY water features, clever containers, and special finishing touches. They help bring your garden to life.

With easy to follow instructions, lush color photography, and sidebars filled with helpful tips and additional ideas, Handmade Garden Projects is an inspiring step toward a more stylish space.

Paper Crafts Books

Creative Paper Quilling: Wall Art, Jewelry, Cards & More!

Creative Paper Quilling contains 28 brand new and exciting quilled designs. Join Ann Martin and other accomplished quilling artists as they share expert technique information, helpful tips and eye-catching designs that are sure to appeal to crafters of all skill levels.

Enjoy creating greeting cards for a variety of occasions, charming ornaments for your favorite holidays, stylish jewelry pieces to enhance your wardrobe, and unique wall art and home accents.

The Quilling Basics chapter equips readers with sufficient knowledge of supplies and tools to get them started. The Shape Gallery includes images of the quilled shapes used in the book and provides instructions and step-by-step details needed to create each shape.

Polymer Clay Books

Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls: Create a Fantasy World in Polymer Clay

Create an idyllic, polymer-clay world filled with fairies, playful sprites, clever gnomes and elves, wise wizards and misunderstood trolls.

Whether you are new to polymer clay, or looking to improve your skills, Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls offers everything you need to unlock the characters in your imagination and bring the magic of the fairy to life.

What’s your favorite National Craft Month book?

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  1. I love crochet and it reminds me of my grandma. I kept every thing she crocheted for me, including tons of dish cloths! Must look over the books and finds some new gems.

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