Shimmer and Shine Friendship Divine DVD

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Shimmer and Shine Friendship Divine DVD is now available! Has your child ever dreamed of having a magical genie grant all of their wishes? I know that was a daydream I had frequently as a child. New friends and magical adventures await your child with the wish-granting genies in an all new DVD collection.

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Shimmer and Shine Friendship Divine DVD

Shimmer and Shine Friendship Divine DVD

In the third DVD release for Nickelodeon’s hit animated preschool series, the genies-in-training Shimmer and Shine encounter some fantastical new friends including spunky mermaid Nila, Ice Genie Layla, Crystal Queen Empress Caliana and more.

Fans of this enchanting show will have a blast as they join Shimmer, Shine and their best friend Leah on eight thrilling adventures as they get to know the ruling princess of Zahramay Falls, as well as the scheming sorceress Zeta.

Each episode of Shimmer and Shine highlights the importance of teamwork, resilience, and overcoming obstacles.

This Shimmer and Shine Friendship Design DVD includes the following episodes:

Mermaid Mayhem

Shimmer, Shine and Leah magically transform into mermaids and head underwater where they meet a spunky mermaid named Nila. When the girls get stuck underwater, the only thing that can change them back is a special mermaid gem, guarded by a mean sea monster.

Zoom Zahramay

It’s the Zahramay Falls Magic Carpet Race, and Leah is joining Shimmer and Shine for the ride. The winner will receive a racing gem, a magical jewel that gives the power to travel at super speed. When Zeta joins the race in hopes of winning the gem for herself, the girls face new and surprising flying obstacles.

A Tree-mendous Rescue!

Shimmer, Shine and their genie friend Kaz are given a mission to find a brand-new gem deep within Genie Forest. They invite Zac and Leah to come along, but when the girls get trapped in a cave, it’s up to Zac and Kaz to save the day.

Freeze-amay Falls

Shimmer, Shine and Leah discover an Ice Genie who wears a beautiful Ice Gem necklace around her neck, giving her the power to create freezing temperatures wherever she goes. When Zeta steals it from her, Shimmer, Shine and Leah must get it back before the Ice Genie overheats.

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Lighting in a Bottle

Leah, Shimmer, and Shine meet a Lightning Genie who’s chasing after a runaway lightning bolt. The girls offer to help him catch the bolt using their fast new cloud boards.

All Bottled Up

Shimmer and Shine open a super sparkly bottle at the market…and get sucked into it! It’s a trap, set by Zeta. Leah, Tala and Nahal must rescue the bottle and figure out a way to free Shimmer and Shine without using any wishing magic.

The Crystal Queen

Zeta magically traps Samira in a magical crystal cave so she can take over Zahramay Falls once and for all. Leah, Shimmer and Shine call on Samira’s mentor, Empress Caliana, for help and enter the crystal world to find and rescue Samira.

Bling, Bling

Samira entrusts the girls with a special task–to take a very special necklace to the Genie Jeweler for cleaning. Zeta steals the necklace and the girls race to get it back before she can figure out the necklace’s special power.

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging DVD for your preschooler, Shimmer and Shine Friendship Divine teaches valuable lessons in a fun way. Look for it online or at mass retailers near you for the suggested retail price of $14.99.

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