Painted Rocks Ideas

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If you’re looking for painted rocks ideas, check out these kindness rocks you can make as gifts for the holiday season and beyond. Check out a few of these simple rock paintings.

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If you're looking for painted rocks ideas, check out these kindness rocks you can make as gifts for the holiday season and beyond.

Painted Rocks Ideas

Kindness rocks have been around for many years as a fun way to share inspirational messages and cute designs with others. Above are a few of my favorite snowman rockpainting ideas.

I started painting rocks years ago when the children were younger. They wanted to make gifts for friends and family and have so much fun with these easy painting ideas.

Painted rock art is easy for even young children to do. Anyone can make cute painted rocks. You only need a few bottles of paint to start this craft habit.

Inspirational words to paint on rocks

If you want to make paintable rocks with words, try these. 

  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Calm
  • Care
  • Give

colorful painted rocks on the ground

What is the kindness rock project?

It’s a project that encourages people to be kind and show love to others. It involves painting rocks with inspirational messages or designs that can be placed in public places for someone else to find and enjoy.

The idea is to bring smiles, joy, and happiness into the lives of those who come across these kindness rocks. You can get creative with your designs and include pictures of animals, flowers, inspirational quotes, and messages.

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You can also make kindness rocks for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. Place them around the house or give them to friends who need a little pick-me-up. They’re a great way to spread joy, love, and kindness throughout your community.

cups of acrylic paint with paint brushes

Supplies to paint rocks

  • Acrylic paint – bright colors work best
  • Smooth rocks
  • Googly eyes
  • Paintbrush
  • Newspaper
  • Clear Varnish or Mod Podge

Optional: If you want to leave these outside, consider using waterproof paint for rocks.

supplies to paint rocks on newspaper on the ground

What kind of rocks do you use for painted rocks?

When you’re ready to start painting rocks, collect the right kind of rocks. Smooth rocks work best for this project. You can find these at local hardware stores or stone yards.

You can often find smooth stones in local craft stores. Or, get them here on Amazon.

Once you have collected a variety of sizes and colors, it’s time to get creative.

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How to prepare rocks for rock painting

Before painting, prepare the rocks by cleaning them with a damp cloth. Make sure to remove any dirt and debris.

Once they are clean, let them dry completely before you begin painting. Be sure to use high-quality acrylic paints designed for use on rocks.

Finally, seal your painted rocks with a clear coat of Mod Podge or a similar sealer designed for use on rocks. This will protect the paint and make sure your design lasts longer.

If you're looking for painted rocks ideas, check out these kindness rocks you can make as gifts for the holiday season and beyond.

What kind of paints do you use for rock painting?

The best paint is acrylic paint. Using acrylic paint, you can create any design of your choice. You can find rock painting supplies at your local craft stores.

If you want to write quotes on your rocks, start with large flat rocks and use acrylic paint pens.

colorful painted rocks with faces

Tips for painting rocks

If you’d like to try a few rock painting ideas, start with these tips for making rock art.

  • Start with simple designs, like hearts and flowers.
  • Let each layer of paint dry thoroughly before adding the next.
  • Use bright colors to make your rocks stand out.
  • Use several coats when stone painting for bright colors
  • Be sure to seal your painted rocks with a clear coating to protect them from water and sunlight damage.
  • Have fun with it! Rock painting is a great way to express creativity and make something delightful for others.

Making kindness rocks is an excellent activity for kids, teens, and adults! Grab some supplies and get creative with these painted rock ideas.

You’ll be sure to spread much-needed joy this holiday season or any time of the year. Display your cute painted rocks together to show off your rocks.

a collection of rocks painted with flowers

More easy rock painting ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration, browse through different sites that offer painted rock ideas, such as Pinterest or Instagram.

You’ll find plenty of rock painting ideas to draw from and use in your creations. Here are a few rock painting ideas you can start with:

Christmas painted rocks

Christmas rock painting ideas

There are lots of great ideas the kids will enjoy for the holidays. A kindness rock makes an excellent gift for the whole family. And they are very inexpensive to make.

  • Make colorful rocks in Christmas colors.
  • Snowmen rocks with black eyes and a carrot nose
  • Snowflakes painted on blue rocks
  • Draw a Grinch face

rocks painted with flowers on the ground

Do you seal painted rocks?

Once you have finished painting the rock, seal it with a clear coat of varnish or Mod Podge, so your design will last for years.

So, I’ve included some pictures of painted rocks you can use as rock art inspiration. If you have a fun rock painting idea, let me know so I can update my post.

You can become part of the kindness rocks project by leaving these rocks in public places for someone else.

With these painted rocks ideas, you’ll be able to brighten someone’s day and put a little extra joy in the world. So get creative and start painting rocks today!

More rock ideas

Kids love these fun ideas. here are a few more rock art ideas.

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