Person of Interest The Complete Third Season DVD

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Person of Interest The Complete Third Season DVD
Genre: TV series, mystery
DVD Run Time: 1001 minutes
DVD Release Date: September 2, 2014
Studio: Warner Home Video

One of the top five scripted shows on broadcast television among Total Viewers, Person of Interest has continued to captivate audiences. In Season Three, the team suffers a devastating loss and faces staggering challenges. Technical wizard Finch (Michael Emerson – Lost) and ex-CIA operative Reese (Jim Caviezel – The Thin Red Line) join forces with rogue agent Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi – Chicago Fire) to save lives and seek justice, but the team now faces an uncertain future. With The Machine, now completely self-governed and hidden from all, the POI team must struggle to protect their mission and the evolving intelligence providing their numbers.

Person of Interest The Complete Third Season DVD

The premise of Person of Interest is that there is this machine that is watching people all the time. It knows everything and was meant to detect acts of terror but it knows all sorts of crimes that will happen to average people.  The government doesn’t care about these crimes even though it could use the information that the machine finds to stop the crimes from happening. Since the government doesn’t care, the person who designed the machine, billionaire Finch, is going to try to prevent the crimes from happening.  He teams up with  Reese who is an ex-CIA agent to prevent the crimes from happening. Reese also works with NYPD Detectives to help stop the crimes.

When Person of Interest first began, it really felt more like a crime mystery to me.  As the series progresses, it gets a little bit more of a science fiction feel to it which makes it even more interesting to me. I love the way the series combines mystery and technology. It really gives it a unique spin that other mystery series don’t have. As someone with a keen interest in personal liberties and the impact of government surveillance, this series really makes me think. It does a great job of tying in real events like 9/11 and how it impacts our freedom.

There are four discs included in the Person of Interest The Complete Third Season DVD. I recommend that you begin watching the series from Season One since each episode builds on the last a bit. The fourth season premieres on September 23rd so make sure you catch up before them!

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  1. I need to watch a little less of the sport channel and check out some of these. This one I would probably like.

      • Yes and I love the quirky, vulnerable Finch and the techy, spy, crime and government themes. And to think I first started watching since I’m a huge Jim Caviezel fan. Love the addition of Sarah Shahi–funny and gets the job done. Yup, I’m ready for more.

  2. Thought I would post an update on this show since the new season started. I keep turning the volume down with all the gun fire and lots of killing going on so not sure I like it as much as last season. There were a few outstanding shows just recently, so I will keep watching for now.

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